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MatsClock 1360 - Wall Clock World Time

The Wallclock MatsClock 1360 is a Dual Free Flash Clock that shows you both Local Time as well as the GMT or Greenwich Mean Time in the area where you live. Just click on the Local or GMT in the clock dial to see the time change instantly between your local time and the GMT. The GMT or greenwich mean time is very useful in industries like Aviation, Transportation, Shipping etc where a common time is required to be followed.

Benefits of WallClock Local/GMT Time

MatsClock 1360 wallclock is specifically designed to show both GMT and local time without having to change the clocks. In the clock itself just click on the Local or GMT written in the clock dial and you see the needles shift to show the local or gmt time instantly.

Where Can MatsClock 1360 WallClock Be Used?

 The Free SWF Flash Clock Matsclock-1360 is specifically very useful. For example when an aeroplane takes off from one country and lands at another country half way around the earth, the time at that place will be different. So the pilot needs to tell both aerodromes as to when he is taking off and when he is landing in the GMT time or greenwich meridian time. The GMT or Universal Time Constant UTC as it is called remains the same at both places irrespective of the local time of each aerodrome which may be totally different. It may be day at one aerodrome and it may be night at the other aerodrome. But when they use UTC or GMT then they both are talking about the same time on clock.

How To Use WallClock MatsClock 1360 for GMT & Local Time ?

MatsClock 1360 Free Flash Clock Swf shows Local time as default. If you want to see the GMT or greenwich meridian time then just click on GMT inside the clock dial. To revert back to Local time once again click on the Local written inside the dial of the free swf flash clock. It cannot be simpler than this.

MatsClock 1360 Wall Clock Design is Unique

I have designed Matsclock 1360 Free Flash Clock Swf to look similar to an aircraft instrument. I have also given a good color combination to the needles and kept the colors different in both Local time Flash Clock and GMT Flash Clock modes. If you like the clock then you may keep this Dual Free Flash Clock Swf. You may also use and distribute this Flash Clock Swf to anyone but without any alteration and no modification to it.