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Going to Buy Clock online. Think again. You may buy a clock only if absolutely essential and you have the money. I recommend you download my Free Flash Clocks called MatsClocks which are free beautifully animated analog flash clocks. All the clock you find in website can download in a single .zip file. You can distribute these flash clocks absolutely free without charging any cost of any sort and without modification to the flash clocks. These flash clocks will run on any computer that has a flash player or flash codec installed. It is better to use these free flash clocks on your computer, laptops, mobile phones etc so that you stop a lot of green house gases that will be emitted during manufacture of watches and wall clocks and also save trees being cut down to make grandfather clocks and save the earth for your own children from the danger of the effects of global warming. Each MatsClock Free Flash Clock is designed and put up on The Free Flash Clocks .zip file is updated regularly. Presently this file contains over 100+ flash clocks. As and when a new flash clock is released you have the option just to download this single file of about 1 mb file size or alternately you can visit each matsclock model on its own flash clock webpage where you will find a download link of the .zip file with just a single clock of your choice for download.

Download Free Flash Clocks for Powerpoint

You can Insert Flash Clocks in Powerpoint Presentation Slides to give your powerpoint presentation a professional look with a live clock (Select a Flash Clock) that shows local time or you can use a GMT Clock to show the Greenwich Meridian Time which is also called UTC or Universal Time Constant. GMT or UTC is the reference time used world over. Depending on where you are located each country will use one or more longitude as a standard for their country time. Everyone will follow this standard time in their country. Your country standard time will be offset from the UTC/GMT by a few hours which you can find out by right clicking on the time clock running in your task bar bottom right of your monitor screen and selecting "Adjust Date and Time: option. Every country uses a different time so that when they wake up and look at their clocks and watches they will find that the time is 6 O' clock or so, at lunch time at around 1 pm the sun is right on top of their head and when they go to sleep the clock says the time is 10 pm.

Free Download GMT/UTC Flash Clocks

The GMT/UTC Greenwich Mean Time Clock is required so that people travelling from one place is able to know what time will be in the country where they are going. For this you will need to refer to the UTC or GMT and offset the time by a few hours to get the standard time in that country. You may have started from your home after lunch. But when you reach the destination country which is west of your country then you may have to have lunch once again after landing because the sun has not reached the noon position there as you travelled faster than the sun could travel or rather the earth could rotate and sun reach the noon position. So by knowing the GMT or UTC time you will at least know weather you are going to get lunch or dinner or breakfast in that country when you land there. This is even more true when you travel by a ship where you will actually gain about half an hour to one hour a day if you travel west and lose half/one hour as you sail east. It is hard to believe, but ask a sailor or a ships passenger who sails regularly to confirm this fact. Thus you will reaslise that the clock has more importance than we thought it had. That is why I have been making flash clocks free for download.

Download Free Flash Clock HTML Embed Codes

You can Free Download all MatsClock Free Flash Clocks. Get the Free Flash Clock HTML Embed Codes which you can use to insert the free flash clock swf files into your websites and blogs absolutely free. You may either download all the clocks to your website and run the clocks from your webserver. Alternately you may use the flash clock html embed codes and run the flash clocks from matsclock .com website itself. Remember to change the height and width to the pixle sizes you need. You can also run these clocks from my website by just typing the flash clock code in your internet web browser. Keep checking to Download every new free flash clock released from time to time. You can also check my New Free Flash Clocks page to see if a new flash clock has been released.



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