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What is a Tachymeter Bezel on Wrist Watch ?

A tachymeter helps you to do amazing time calculations by just glancing at it and without doing any mental mathematics at all. A lot of people do not know what is a tachymeter even though they wear a wrist watch which has a tachymeter bezel built on the watch.

How to use Tachymeter Bezel on Your Wrist Watch ?

Let me give an example to understand how a tachymeter can be used. Suppose you are reading a book. You want to know how many minutes or hours you will take to finish reading the book. Start reading the page and start the stop clock simulataneously. Now when you reach the end of the page stop the clock and see how many seconds you took to read that page. Now read the figure written against the number of seconds you took on the tachymeter bezel of your wirst watch and that tells you that at this speed of reading you will be able to read those many pages in one hour.

For example, say you took 30 seconds to read a page, then you will find 120 written against 30 seconds on the tachymeter bezel. This means that at the speed at which you read the page, you will be able to read 120 pages in one hour. If the book you were reading had 200 pages then divide 200 by 120 and you will get 1.666. This means that you will take 1 hour and 40 minutes to finish reading this book of 200 pages at the speed you read the firstr page and without stopping.

How TachyMeter Helped You in the Above Example ?

The best part in this experiment above was that you just had to read starting the stop clock and stop it when you stopped reading and you got the answer 120 pages per hour was your reading speed. You can use this trick to any other field as well like you are driving a car at 120 kmph and you want to know how long will your car take to cover 1 km just look at the tachymeter bezel reading 120 and then look at the seconds corresponding to 120 which is 30 seconds. I took 120 to make things simpler. You can try using figures of 75 or 105 etc and still get a very accurate answers. Tachymeter is a really amazing instrument which most people never uses or do not know how to use. I hope my tachymeter wrist watch matsclock 1067 helps you learning a tachymeter.

Wrist Watch Tachymeter MatsClock 1067

MatsClock-1067 was designed to demonstrate my creativity in designing a wrist watch. The other reason for MatsClock 1067 was to teach people how to use a Tachymeter available on their wrist watch and I think I succeeded in that. I put a few creative and unique animations on a totally black wrist watch dial and the best part is that it worked. Although, I put a tachymeter bezel on this black beautiful animated wrist watch, I wonder how many people actually knew what a tachymeter is before read ing this article ? Those who benefited from this page hopefully will like, tweet or google+ my website or at least this page.