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MatsClock 1035 Free Flash Clock
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Colour Cycling Free Flash WallClock

MatsClock 1035 is a beautiful colour changing free flash wallclock with a graphite clock frame. This time I had to change the MatsClock 1035 from the fiery sun in the MatsClock 1034 model to a clock dial that colour cycles continuously. Animation is my hobby and I believe that Life should always be colourful. So I modified the previous Flash Clock to an Animated MatsClock 1035. Additionally, I added the bold and big Hour marker numerals, but left the hour and minutes needles still looking like the silluette of a hurricane lamp of different heights. But the dial is now animated to cycle colors at least three colors in very quick succession. The aim is to capture attention. So I kept the frame rate of MatsClock 1035 too a bit high. A PIII computer can show these color cycling effortlessly. It is amazing how much animation can be embedded into a small matsclock free flash wallclick files for websites. This animated flash clock is now finished and put up for you to download free and use in your powerpoint presentations and websites or blogs etc. I hope my readers do send these MatsClocks as a present or a pleasant surprise to all their friends and relatives. Let us get rid of all the clocks in our house and offices and use only MatsClocks Animated Flash Clocks. This will reduce the number of factories producing clocks and save the jungles being cut down to make grandfather clocks. It is just my wishful thinking to reduce the Global warming that will eventually melt all the ice in the poles and cause floods and climate changes. Using Flash Clocks instead of grandfather clocks will certainly help the cause.