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MatsClock 1034 Free Flash Clock for PowerPoint
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Free Orange Setting Sun WallClock

MatsClock 1034 is a Free Flash Wallclock with an orange clock dial to represent the setting sun and a grey frame to represent the night fall. The flash clock dial has the shading to give it a 3D sunset Wallclock dial effect. I was on my regular walk and thinking about how should my next Flash Clock that is MatsClock 1034 be designed. I looked west and saw the sun setting. It looked fiery orange and it was giving a bright reddish orange colour to the sky. That was it. I rushed home to start my new Flash sunset WallClock design. Thus MatsClock sunset wallclock was borne with a fiery reddish orange dial that represents the setting sun. When you look at a sunset, it is impossible to see a needle or anything which is directly between your eyes and the setting sun. So I made the flash clock needles a little too thick to make it standout as if you were watching a clock running on the setting sun. I think I was able to give the beauty of the sun to my flash clock too. Your views will certainly be a motivation for me. Do send me a mail if you do using the "Contact Us" link below the page. As usual I have not done any changes to anything else except that the hour and minute needles were given the shape of a hurricane lamp which I have seen in my childhood. Today hurricane lamps are only seen in photos. You still have the Your Text Here to change to whatever name or day or date or your logo when you use my flash clocks in your Powerpoint presentations or run the MatsClock on your PC. I purposely left out the animation to the dial because the setting sun does not change colour. Any website or blog dealing with sun, sunset, photography, colours etc could use this free flash sunset wallclock.