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MatsClock 1032 Free Flash Clock for PowerPoint
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Free 3D WallClock for Blogs/Websites

MatsClock 1032 is a beautiful grey framed and black dial free 3D flash clock for blogs and websites. When I started designing this non animated flash clock, I wanted it to give a 3D look without increasing the file size. A little bit of my observation of a grandfather clock in my ancesteral home came to my mind. It did not have anything 3D about it except that it was always there from the time I remember till today. It has a large dial and some artist had given its numerals a little 3D painting. This 3D Wallclock in flash, looked beautiful with the light grey numeral colour on a pitch dark dial background. No time wasted. I translated it into my flash clock and MatsClock 1032 was well on its way to be manufactured. I mean designed. It took over two hours and many redesign efforts to finally give it this look complete with four screws in slot. I gave it totally grey and black. So I had to get the flash clock needles the exact same colour as the numerals. Time passes beautifully watching this cute clock. So I did not animate the Flash Text. The MatsClock 1032 is for those websites and blogs of those webmasters who do not want any distractions including their own Logo or Motto on the Flash Clock.