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MatsClock 1031 Free Flash Clock
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Unique Animated Free Flash WallClock

MatsClock 1031 is a unique animated free flash wallclock. In MatsClock 1031 I have tried to get the seconds needle off the center in its own small dial. But when I was shifting the minutes needles, I just felt I should make it a little unique. So I applied this artistic design to the minutes needle to give it a hollowness and fun arrow without a sharp pointed look. It worked and this MatsClock 1031 Flash Clock certainly looked fresh. Then I gave the hour needle a little more thickness and transparency to make it tell you the time in one look but without masking the minute and seconds needle under it either in color or in contrast. The over all look of the flash clock gave a totally unique and satisfying view to me. And I present this unique animated free flash clock for websites and blogs as well as for your powerpoint presentations.