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MatsClock 1008
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Simple PowerPoint WallClock

MatsClock 1008 is yet another simple free flash wallclock I designed the other day for use in Powerpoint presentations. I was taking an evening walk and when I looked west, I saw the sky beautifully crimson or saffron in colour. I did not know then that I am going to colour the next matsclock free flash clock I create with a dial to represent the evening sky. The simple powerpoint flash clock dial stands out as if the sun has just set inside the flash clock dial bottom. I added the usual text animation for you to change in case you are going to show this clock somewhere. It is very simple, just use your mouse to highlight the Your Text Here you see inside the flash clock dial and type anything on your keyboard and it will be displayed in the dial and it should catch your audience attention. The time is always fresh and no one will ever get bored. If they do get bored change the clock. I have over 50 Flash Clocks to Download and it is unlikely that you will ever run out of a flash clock live and  ticking on your monitor in full screen or in your powerpoint presentations.