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MatsClock 1007
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WallClock for PowerPoint Slides

MatsClock 1007 WallClock model was designed to give the clock a pleasing bluish colored dial when running in a powerpoint presentation slide. Initially I thought of giving it a wooden clock frame but then the grey color gave a good graphite clock outer shell which looked nice to me. So decided to keep the wooden flash clock frame for my next clocks. I keep changing the designs many times to finally decide what hour, minutes and seconds needle shape and color, what type of clock dial shape and color as well as what clock frame color and shape to give. There are a log of Free Flash Clocks to be downloaded from the flash clock gallery link on top for inserting them into your powerpoint presentation slides for a professional look.

MatsClocks for Powerpoint Slides

I consider to be my Clock Gallery. With every flash clock design I am improving my skills with every flash clock I finish. Then I write a few lines if time permits to tell you why this flash clock was designed. To most people it does not sound interesting. But I still want you to know that I have spent hours on each clock design. It is not an easy task for me because this is just a hobby and I am learning flash software. But these clocks are very simple and can be easily embedded into your powerpoint presentation slides either from your computer or running it online.

Why Insert MatsClocks in Powerpoint Slides ?

Making Wallclocks for Powerpoint Slide Presentations might look stupid of me to be doing and wasting my time. But I have self installed a mission "Stop Global Warming" I want everyone to spread the word to stop global warming. One way is to stop buying watches, alarm clocks and grandpa wall clocks. They adorn your house and offices but causes a drain on the natural resources like trees that needs to be cut down and factories producing these clocks and time pieces emit green house gases that increase the global temperatures. You can spread the word through your powerpoint presentation on any topic you may be conducting anywhere in the world because global warming concerns the entire humanity even if you do not live near the sea.

How WallClocks in PowerPoint Presentations Help?

When you show a wallclock in the screen before your powerpoint presentation starts in the first presentation slide, then people will keep watching time on the clock and forget about their own watch. When every presentation starts with a beautiful flash wallclock, then people stop bringing their watch or take out their mobile phones to look at time. If the wallclock is always kept small on say the top right corner of your each of your powerpoint presentation slides then even you can look at it to control the time spent on each presentation slide. Also you will not be embarassed when people start looking down on their watches to tell you that your presentation is boring them or that you are exceeding time. It is a big benefit for you as the powerpoint presentor. In addition to this, You will also reduce the demand for grandpa clocks and wall clocks when you start using my free flash clocks under the name MatsClock and thus you help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being thrown into the atmosphere by industries involved in making the clocks and also reduce the trees cut down to make huge grandpa clocks. Use my Free Flash Clocks to see the time. You do not like it then look into your mobile for finding out what time it is. I call on everyone to shift to free flash clocks and wall clocks rather than buy grandfather clocks and wrist watches to save the world. Sounds stupid I know. But this is my contribution to the world.