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Animated Wall Clock for PowerPoint

MatsClock 1006 WallClock for PowerPoint has a story. I wanted to create a free flash wallclock that runs beautifully in any powerpoint presentation slide to give your powerpoint presentation a professional look and feel along with the ability to show off your company name or your own name fully animated inside the flash clock. The powerpoint wall clock can be displayed just before powerpoint presentation begins to show accurate time on the presentation screen.In my quest for uniqueness in all the flash clocks I design, I hit this idea of having huge tips for the hour and minutes needles of the clock. So the MatsClock 1006 was designed with real big arrows at the clock needle tips. To watch the beauty of these needles like in any wallclock, you got to wait till both needles are perfectly one on top of the other to see the very huge arrow they make when combined in your flash clock. You won't find this type of clock needles even in a grandpa wallclock. The hour needle went yellow and the minutes needle became orange in colour. So there are two differences in the wallclock needles. I made the frame a little darker grey or graphite grey in colour without animation and gave the dial a shade of dark green fading to light green on the right side. Once again I skipped animating or colour cycling animations. The flash clock retains its ability for the user to input their own name or company name in the flash clock still being animated to attract attention. The Matsclock animated flash clocks runs beatifully in Powerpoint presentations on any computer that has adobe flash player installed.