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MatsClock 1005
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Free Animated WallClock for Laptop

MatsClock 1005 Free Animated WallClock was designed specifically for Laptops as I wanted a clock that looks different in such a way that an onlooker is not able to make out as to what is wrong with this clock. That is why I designed this wall clock MatsClock 1005. This flash clock is different because it has everything like a normal wall clock, yet it had a difference in the way the hour marker numerals looked. The all went round the clock as if tied to the center of the clock. I removed the color cycling from the dial and gave it a steady blue and changed the clock frame to a metallic grey. An to add to the uniqueness of this clock I designed a totally different hour arm in matching light blue you will not find again in the later flash clocks. You can still put your own name in the flash clock by editing the Your Text Here animated on the clock dial by just highlighting it with your mouse and typing what ever your want. Matsclock 1005 stands out as a truely unique clock in adobe flash animation with accurate time display.