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MatsClock 1004
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Animated Free WallClock for PC

MatsClock 1004 Animated WallClock had to be different from all the previous clocks I designed. So I separated the clock's minutes needle and seconds needle off the center. I let every other feature to continue to be same as the previous two or three flash clocks. I replaced the wall clock numerals of hours and put just the four cardinal hours 3, 6, 9 and 12 in large font. The rest I left blank to give more visibility to the minute and seconds needles inside the clock dial. I made the arm of the hour needle transparent and made the tip heart shaped. All wallclock needles remain unique in design and black in colour. The colour changes in the wallclock continues as before and so does the clock frame animation. The beauty of the colour changing flash wallclock is retained and Your Text Here continues to remain in the same place allowing you to put your own name in the animated falsh clock. The final result of matsclock 1004 free flash clock looked quite appealing to me and even more unique. Thus the animated flash clock matsclock 1004 was concluded and put up for download. This wallclock will run on a flash player very beautifully on any PC.