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MatsClock 1003
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Animated WallClock - MatsClock 1003

I thought of keeping the WallClock MatsClock 1003 as simple as possible. So I left all the flash animations of the previous clocks and 3D effect of the colour cycling clock dial untouched. All that I changed was the design of both the hour and minutes needles. Even the clock hour markers and minutes numerals were left untouched. But I ensured that the clock's hour needle looks real heavy like a hammer or wrought iron cast of a huge size amplified by its thin leg. To contrast this I gave the wallclock minute needle a lighter appearance as if it was cut out of thin aluminum sheet. Despite being in black colour, both hour and minutes needles give out this feel and I was satisfied with this new flash clock. Your Text Here can still be changed to what ever you want like your own name or company name or today's date etc. Any Flash Player installed in your computer runs all MatsClock Flash Clock Animation.