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Animated WallClock Flash Clock

MatsClock 1002 is an animated free flash wall clock which was still in the beginning of my Flash Clock creation. I some how believe that Life should be always be colourful. People take attention to change. The only way you can attract attention to my Flash Clock was to have its dial keep cycling colours and may be give the outer frame a bit of rotation. But then when I gave the same colours to the outer frame as the cycling colours of the dial, I found it did not have the contrast. So I gave grey shades to the frame and let keep rotating as before to make it animated flash wall clock. The uniqueness was still missing. So I gave a little difference to the clock by designing a unique hour needle tip and also the minute needle tip. Half an hour and I had this flash clock done. You can insert your own name in the Animated Flash wall Clock as usual by replacing "Your Text Here". This wallclock displays you time in a very colourful fashion. Watch time pass by beautifully in this animated wallclock free flash clock.






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