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MatsClock 1001
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MatsClock 1002 happens to be my second Flash Clock design. It did take some time before I came up with this design. The clock dial is again a color cycling sphere. This flash clock was designed with a very unique hour hand that represents modern art that I created to represent a torn steel plate. The hour hand of this matsclock was made to look slightly different from the MatsClock 1000, so I gave it two small ears. I felt it looked good. Believe it or not I had spent over 3 hours discarding so many designs to the hour and minutes arms of this time piece. The depth perception of the dial remains the same with the reflection on the glass cover. And I did not change the rotating colour animation on the outter frame of the flash clock. I have also preserved the same dial colour rotation in this flash clock when compared to the MatsClock 1000. So you get two flash clocks with everything but the hour and minutes needles being different. I felt satisfied with the design and finalised it.






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