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MatsClock 120127 - Count Down (30 Seconds) DigitalTimer Clock for Free

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Free_Download 30_Seconds Count_Down_Timer MatsClock_120127 PPT   MatsClock 120127 is a 30 Second Count Down timer 3D PowerPoint PPT Slide which can be Free Downloaded, used and distributed free of cost. It is a beautiful design created using the PowerPoint features to give the digits and the background a real 3D look and feel.

How to Start the 30 Second Count Down Timer?

Once you have downloaded the MatsClock 120127 Zip file, go to the location of the file on your Computer or Phone and then double click on it or just touch it. The Zip files Opens with any File Compression Software. Once the file opens, touch or double click the file and the Digital Clock will start running in PowerPoint which may ask you to enable content. You  need to put check mark or just Click on the Enable Content for the Count Down Timer Clock to work. Once the PowerPoint is in full screen mode, you will see the digits 30 written in the center of the screen. Just move your mouse cursor over the digits and the count down timer starts from 30 till zero and stop. That is all and the count down clock timer starts working.

How to Reset the MatsClock 3D Digital Count Down Timer?

Every time you move your mouse cursor over the timer digits, the count down clock timer will reset to 30 seconds and restart instantly. It is as easy as that. Where you see the MatsClock 120127. It is as simple as that as you can see the youtube video above.

 MatsClock_120127 (30_Seconds) Count_Down Timer_PPT   It is a Royalty-Free 30 Seconds Count Down Timer Clock, designed purely in PowerPoint. You can Download, Use and Share this count down clock timer freely without any modifications.

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