MatsClock 120126 - Free Elapsed Time Clock Timer

Free_Download MatsClock_120126 PPT   MatsClock 120126 is a Free PowerPoint File. The moment you double click the file it starts running in full screen mode and displays two Timers. The left one is analog elapsed timer clock that shows the elapsed time automatically from the time the slide comes on screen. The second one is a digital clock timer on the right side of the slide which is by default stopped. But the digital clock will start running the moment you move your mouse cursor over the digits.

How to Stop and Restart the Analog Elapsed Time Clock?

When the slide comes into view on screen, by default the analog elapsed time starts automatically. Just use the keyboard Up Arrow key, or Page Up key or rotate the Mouse Wheel Up to stop and bring the Seconds, Minutes and Hour needles to zero. To start the Analog Elapsed Timer, just press the mouse left button anywhere on the screen except on the text MatsClock 120126. You can also Restart the analog elapsed timer by pressing the Tab Key, Page Down Key, Down Arrow Key and even by Rotating the mouse wheel.

How to Reset the MatsClock Digital Elapsed Time Clock?

The Elapsed Time Digital Clock will be stopped when the PowerPoint Slide comes to view. But the moment you move the Mouse Cursor over the Digits, the Elapsed Timer Clock Starts. Every time you move your mouse cursor over the Digital Elapsed Clock it will Reset to Zero and Restart. So, have to be careful. Even if you go to the next slide and return back using Arrow Keys Down and Up or Mouse wheel, you will find the Digital Elapsed Timer still showing the running the elapsed time.

How to Pause and Restart the MatsClock Analog Elapsed Clock?

To pause the Analog Elapsed Timer needles, just go to next slide and return back to the timer slide. You will find the elapsed timer analog hours, minutes and seconds needle stopped at the time when you went to the next slide. To start the Analog Clock needles just click anywhere on the screen. You can start it by pressing the Tab bar or even by rotating the mouse wheen down towards you. Remember that the Digital Elapsed timer will continue to run even if you go to next slide and keep showing you the total time elapsed. So, you will not lose track of time when you go to another slide.

How to SynChronize both the Digital and Analog Elapsed Time Count Up Timers?

The Analog and Digital Elasped Time Clocks are free to be run independent of each as mentioned above. But, if you want to run both the Digital and Analog Clocks to show the same Time Elapsed, then follow this procedure. Press Up Arrow or rotate the mouse wheel up to bring the hour, minute and seconds needles to zero and stop them there. Now Press the Tab Key, Down Arrow Key or Click the mouse left button anywhere on the screen and immediately move the mouse cursor over the Digital Clock. The Digital Elapsed Timer and the Analog Clock Needles will now indicate the same Elapsed Time.

 MatsClock_120126 Elapsed_Timer_PPT is a Royalty-Free Digital and Analog Time Elapsed Clock PPT Slide or you can also call it Count Up Clock Timer that can be used in many ways. The Look and Feel of the Clock timer is also simple and easy to use. This PowerPoint Slide can earn you respect from your audience instantly and absolutely for Free.

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