MatsClock 120115 - Free Digital Clock

MatsClock 120115 - Free PowerPoint PPT Live Digital Clock

Free Download MatsClock 120115  This MatsClock is a Live Moving Rail Animation with a Free Digital Clock inserted into a PowerPoint Slide. This zip file contains 5 PPT Slides with Unique Digital Clocks on each slide. You can use these MatsClocks Royalty-Free in your Presentations including your Business Presentations. We release one Digital Clock on our Digital_Clock_YouTube_Channel every day on Youtube. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel called Digital Clock if you want to be notified everytime a new Digital Clock is released.

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PowerPoint Tip - The Powerful Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl+"D"

Did you know this PowerPoint Shortcut? Almost all people know this PowerPoint shortcut on your Keyboard. If you did not know then this PowerPoint Tip is for you.

Suppose you want to create a Duplicate of a slide which you have already created. Just click on the Slide you want to duplicate in the slide sorter on the left and Press the two keys "Ctrl" and "D" keys and you will have a duplicate slide below the original.

If you want to duplicate a text box, a picture, a graphic or a shape etc, then just click the object and Press "Ctrl" and "D" keys on your keyboard.

Suppose you want to arrange a lot of duplicates then once you create the First Duplicate of the picture, grahic, shape you must adjust its place where you want by using your mouse or keyboard.

Once you have placed the item, from now on, every time you press "Ctrl" and "D" keys, all the duplicates will placed by PowerPoint exactly at the same angle and distance from its predicessor, as the first duplicate you had placed. It eases out so much of your time whilst editing PowerPoint Slide.

I hope you liked this PowerPoint Tip if you did not know it before and it lets you save a lot of time during your next PowerPoint Slide preparation.

Free Download MatsClock 120115  If you liked this MatsClock Digital Clock or my PowerPoint Tip, then kindly send the MatsClock you download or the website link to all your contacts using email, facebook, whatapp, twitter etc. Everything  you see at MatsClock website is FREE for everyone and forever.


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