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MatsClock 120114 - Free 3D Pistol PowerPoint Live Digital Clock PPT

Free Download MatsClock 120114  This MatsClock is a PowerPoint Live 3D Digital Clock. This zip file contains 5 PPT Slides with Unique Digital Clocks with 3D Pistol Models on each slide. You can use these MatsClocks absolutely Royalty-Free in your Presentations including your Business Presentations. Each day we release on Digital Clock on our Digital_Clock_YouTube_Channel where we release one new Free MatsClock every day on Youtube. So Subscribe to our Youtube Channel called Digital Clock if you want to be notified everytime a new Digital Clock is released.

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   PowerPoint Tips  

PowerPoint Tip - How to Run A Single Audio File in the Background of Multiple Slides

Did you know it that it is Possible to Run an Single Audio file in the background of all the slides?

This is a very simple PowerPoint Tip. If you want to play a single audio file in the background of all the slides then here is the tip to do it.

To insert an audio in to your PowerPoint Slide, go to the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu on top and click on the "Insert" Tab.

Then Click on the "Audio" Icon you see at the right most end of the drop down menu.

It shows you two options when you click on it. The first is "Audio on My PC" and the second option is "Record Audio".

PowerPoint Audio Tips

You may either browse your computer and select an audio to insert or Record an audio running in your PC or may be record your own narration using your mic.

Once you select the audio file just click on the "Insert" button and the file gets inserted into the PowerPoint Slide.

Once the audio is inserted into the slide, you will see a audio icon and a Play bar. Play the audio to see if you want the whole audio or only a part of it to be inserted.

If you want to play only a part of the audio file, then right click on the "Speaker" Icon and then select the "Trim" option.

This action will open a trim audio bar with a Green colour start point and Red colour end point. Drag these bars or handles to where ever you want the audio to start and end. Now play it and see if you have trimmed it correctly. Once done, click the OK button.

If you want the audio to play only in this slide, then there is nothing more to do. But the audio will play only when you click once after the slide is open in the presentation more.

To make your audio play across all the slides, right click on the Speaker Icon and Click on the Speaker Icon with a Red gear on it. This will give you two options.

PowerPoint Tips

The first option is "No Style" which is the default you already have.

The second option is "Play in Background". Click this option.

Now when you go to Presentation mode, the audio will start playing automatically. Even when you go to the next slides, the audio will continue to play in the background.

Caution here is that if you have embedded two audio files then both will play. So ensure that you put an audio file or give adequate time for the first audio to finish before you go to the slide with the second audio.

 I hope these PowerPoint Tips help you to create beautiful and customised PowerPoint Presentations and save you lot of time.

Free Download MatsClock 120114  If you liked this MatsClock Digital Clock then kindly send the MatsClock you download or the website link to all your contacts using email, facebook, whatapp, twitter etc. Everything  you see at MatsClock website is FREE for everyone and forever.


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