MatsClock 120109 - Free 3D PPT Digital Clock

MatsClock 120109 - Free 3D Lamp Shade Digital Clock PowerPoint PPT Slide

Free Digital_Clock MatsClock-120109  Free Download MatsClock_120109 Zip file with 5 Free 3D Digital Clocks PowerPoint PPT Slides which you can use in your Presentations. Run this Digital Clock during any PowerPoint Presentation and get your audience attentive during your entire Presentation. This 3D Helicopter model flying around in this PowerPoint Slide will certainly keep your audience amazed throughout your Presentation. Yes, believe it or not, this is a video capture of a 3D Helicopter running in a PowerPoint PPT Slide in Full screen. And it is absolutely Free to Download and Use it even in your Business Presentations, absolutely Royalty-Free.

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Free PowerPoint Tips - How To Create Smart Art from Pictures

Did you know that it is very easy to create a Smart Art from normal pictures which you have inserted into a PowerPoint Slide? Here is the PowerPoint tip to do it.

Insert two or three pictures into a PowerPoint Slide.

On your Keyboard Click the "Ctrl" and "A" keys to select all the pictures in the slide. If you do not want to use all the pictures in the slide then, you may select only the pictures you want to create Smart Art by keeping the "Ctrl" key pressed and using your mouse to click each picture you want. Release the "Ctrl" Key once you have selected all the pictures you want.

Once you have selected the pictures to create Smart Art, Click on the "Picture Format" on the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu on top.

Click on the "Picture Layout". This will open a Drop Down Menu with many Smart Art Options.

PowerPoint Tips

You can hover over each of the displayed Smart Art Options and PowerPoint Slide will show how your Smart Art will look.

Once you have decided which one you like, Click on that Smart Art Option and your Smart Art is created.

Now you can add text as you want into the text boxes in your Smart Art and even tweak the pictures as you wish.

It is done. You have Created a Smart Art in PowerPoint PPT slide. I hope this easy PowerPoint Tip helps you in creating beautiful PowerPoint PPT and do your presentation with confidence and get satisfaction from your own work.

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