MatsClock 120108 - Free 3D Helicopter PPT

MatsClock 120108 - Free 3D Helicopter Digital Clock PowerPoint PPT Slide

Free Digital_Clock MatsClock-120108  Free Download MatsClock_120108 Zip file with 5 Free 3D Digital Clocks PowerPoint PPT Slides which you can use in your Presentations. Run this Digital Clock during any PowerPoint Presentation and get your audience attentive during your entire Presentation. This 3D Helicopter model flying around in this PowerPoint Slide will certainly keep your audience amazed throughout your Presentation. Yes, believe it or not, this is a video capture of a 3D Helicopter running in a PowerPoint PPT Slide in Full screen. And it is absolutely Free to Download and Use it even in your Business Presentations, absolutely Royalty-Free.

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Free PowerPoint Tips - How to Make PowerPoint Speak Words

Did you ever wanted to know how a word or a country name is pronounced correctly? If yes then read these PowerPoint Tips.

PowerPoint has an in-built intelligent "Speak" Command that will read any word or sentence that you highlight inside your PowerPoint Slide.

The Speak Command is disabled by default and this is how you can make it visual on your PowerPoint Ribbon Menu.

Right Click in the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu on top and Select "Customize the Ribbon..." option. This will open a Dialogbox like what you see below.

PowerPoint Tips No 108

Normally, you will see the Choose Commands From as "Popular Commands". But Speak Command is not a Popular Command.

To see the Speak Command, you will have to click on Popular Commands and from the drop down list Select "All Commands".

This will give all the PowerPoint Commands list below that. Scroll down and select "Speak" and Click the "Add" Tab on the right.

Now you have an option to include this new Speak Command into a New Group Tab or list it under any standard PowerPoint group of commands.

Once you have done it just click the "OK" Button and that is it. Now you will see the Speak Command in the New or existing group on the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu, where you added it.

Now all you need to do to make PowerPoint Speak a Word or Speak a Sentence is to hightlight the word or sentence and then click on the Speak Command and PowerPoint will Speak that text for you.

This PowerPoint Speak Command is very useful when you have typed a place name that is difficult to pronounce. Just highlight it and click the Speak Command and the hear the correct way to pronounce that word or sentence or phrase.

I hope this PowerPoint Presentation Tip helps you deliver great presentations in future.

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