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MatsClock 120102 - Free PowerPoint Digital Clock PPT Slide

Free Digital_Clock MatsClock-120102  Free Download MatsClock_120102 Zip file with 5 Free  Digital Clocks PowerPoint PPT Slides which you can use in your Presentations. This MatsClock is Free to Download, Use and Share Freely. Run this Digital Clock during any PowerPoint Presentation and let your audience say the word, Amazing. Remember the saying, "First Impression is Last Impression."

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Free PowerPoint Tips - Save as .SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

Suppose you have created a great graphics in PowerPoint and want to save it. But saving in the normal jpg or png will not give you the quality when you try to enlarge the saved file.

Here is the PowerPoint Tip. Save it in the .SVG file format. The procedure is given below for those who do not know how to save as a SVG.

Once you have created a PowerPoint Slide, Click on "File" Tab on the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu on top.

Now select "Save as" option from the drop down menu.

Select the Folder you want to save the .SVG file into. For example, select the Desktop.

This opens another dialog box.

You can Type a name for your file by changing the File Name highlighted in blue by PowerPoint if you want or just leave it as is.

Just below that is the "Save as Type".

Here you can Change the default file type being shown by just clicking on that to get a drop down of all the file types possible in PowerPoint.

Select "Scalable Vector Graphics Format (.svg) by just clicking on it.

Then, just Save the file by clicking on the "Save" button below that.

Now you can go to the SVG file you just saved and Right Click on it, select "Open with" from the right click menu and use Firefox, Chrome or any browser that supports SVG format.

Once the SVG file you had saved is open, you can enlarge the picture by keeping your Ctrl button on key board pressed and rotating your mouse button for PC or using two fingers to enlarge on your touch screen and phones. It is as easy as that.

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