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MatsClock 120101 - Free PowerPoint Digital Clock PPT Slide

Free Digital_Clock MatsClock-120101  Free Download MatsClock_120101 Zip file with 5 Free  Digital Clocks PowerPoint PPT Slides which you can use in your Presentations. This MatsClock is Free to Download, Use and Share Freely. Run this Digital Clock during any PowerPoint Presentation and let your audience say the word, Awesome. Remember the saying, "Well Begun is Half Done."

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Free PowerPoint Tips - How to Reuse a Slide from Another PowerPoint File

Suppose you want to reuse a Slide from a PowerPoint file you had created earlier. It is very simple and that is what exactly this PowerPoint Tip is all about.

To reuse a slide from another PowerPoint file, just click on the Home Tab on the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu on top.

Then click on the New Slide Tab.

In the drop down menu that opens up, look for the Tab called "ReUse Slides..." in the end of the dialog box and Click on it.

A dialog box will now open on the right hand side of your PowerPoint Slide.

See if the PowerPoint files list has the Presentation you want to take a slide from.

If not, then click on the Browse button and go to the drive or folder and select the file you want to open.

The moment you click the file will open under the browse button on the right with all the Slides in that PowerPoint file listed.

Now Click on the original PowerPoint file and click on the empty area between any two slides where you want to insert an old slide.

Then from the list of the Slides under the browse button, click on the Slide you want to insert.

That is all and you will that Slide inserted in to your new presentation at the place you wanted.

I hope you liked this PowerPoint Free Tip and it will help in you save time induring your future Presentations preparation.

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