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MatsClock 120100 - Animated Free PowerPoint Digital Clock PPT Slide

Animated Digital_Clock MatsClock-120100  Free Download MatsClock_120100 Zip file with 5 Beautiful  Digital Clocks PowerPoint PPT Slides . This MatsClock is Free to Download, Use and Share Freely. Run this Digital Clock during any PowerPoint Presentation and keep your audience amazed.

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Free PowerPoint Tips - How to Speak Effectively During Your Presentation

This is a great PowerPoint Tip that could help you hold the interest of your audience with every sentence you speak during your Presentation.

Have you heard politicians speak? And have you noticed that they speak very slowly and with a lot of of pauses in between each word? Yes, that is the trick. What they are in effect doing is to make you wait eagerly to speak the next word or sentence.

When you are speaking to an audience, do not pause in between your sentences. The best PowerPoint Presentation tip is this.

Do not give any noticieable pause between sentences. Instead, start the sentence with something which is a prelude to something big which you are just about to speak.

An example is by starting the sentence with, "And then..." or may be "This is what the saint said", or something like that and then give a pause after two to five words and make the audience keep guessing what you are going to say. If they guess it, they will feel happy. And if they cannot guess, they will remain attentive to know what you are going to say.

If you stop speaking after finishing the sentence and putting a full stop, the audience will lose interest and start thinking something else. But giving pause will reap the most benefit. Remember the old saying, "Silence is Gold?"

I hope this PowerPoint Presentation Tip will help you hold your audience attentive and hooked to you in your future presentations.

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