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MatsClock 120083 - Free Real Time Clock for PowerPoint

Free_Download MatsClock_120083 PPT  Free download MatsClock_120083 Zip file which is a Free Real Time Clock for PowerPoint. It is a very small size file, despite having such heavy animations, because these digital clocks and animations use only the in-built features of PowerPoint. No external software is used to keep the file size miniscule. Display time in full screen and Earn Respect from Your Audience absolutely for Free.

This file is packed with a total of 5 Powerful MatsClock Live and Ticking Digital Clocks designed in PowerPoint. Each of these PowerPoint slides has a different Live Time and Date display. The MatsClock_120083 zip file contains MatsClock_120083, MatsClock_120083a, MatsClock 240083, MatsClock_260083 and MatsClock_280083 all of which are contained in this small size file named MatsClock_120083 zip.

PowerPoint Presentation Tips - Easily Copy Graphics at Equal Distance

This is a great PowerPoint Editing Tip. Suppose you want to make a copy of an item like your graphics, picture or any such item and place them at equal distance from each other. There are many ways to do it like using the grid, rulers and then make a copy and reposition each of them at equal distance using the guiding grid lines or using the position values.

An easier method to copy Graphics at Equal distance is to place the graphic or picture you want at a certain position accurately where you want say from the top. Then Press Ctrl and C keys on the keyboard to copy the item.

Now press the Ctrl plus the V keys on the keyboard to paste. The graphics will get pasted slightly away from the original graphics.

Now select the newly created copy and position the graphics exactly at the distance you want it from the original graphics you had copied.

Once you are happy with the position, Press the Ctrl plus V button again and again. You will be amazed to see how each new copy is created at the exact same distance from the previous one at a distance you had placed the first copy from the original. Just do it and see for yourself.

I hope this Free PowerPoint Tips help you in your future PowerPoint Presentations you make. And I hope you also like this Free_Download MatsClock_120083 PPT  which has 5 beautiful Digital Clock animations PowerPoint PPT Slides displaying time and date in full screen.

Click the Next Clock button  below to see a few hundred digital clocks sequentially one after the other, all of which are absolutely free to download. We request you to kindly Share the link of website to as many people you can as a favour for the effort we take to provide you with innovatively designed digital clocks for PowerPoint Presentations for Free.

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