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Download MatsClock 120055 Happy New Year Digital Clock for Free

Free_Download MatsClock_120055   This download in .zip format contains 5 different Happy New Year MatsClocks namely, MatsClock 120055, MatsClock 120055a, MatsClock 240055, MatsClock 260055 and MatsClock 280055 all which are contained in the MatsClock 120055 zip file.This Happy New Year MatsClock is made in PowerPoint without using any other graphics software.

The animation in these MatsClock Digital Clocks are made by using the subtract feature available in the Format tab on the top ribbon of PowerPoint. It is actually simple. The graphics below the rectangle with a layer of coloured sectors with patterns in different colours give the appearance of LED lights in real world. That is the trick used to animate the Happy New Year written on the PowerPoint slide.

Overall the look of the five beautifully animated digital clocks with Happy New Year written on each of them in all the five different MatsClock models are wonderful. If you liked the Happy New Year digital clocks, do share the MatsClock with everyone free of cost exactly as you downloaded and without any modifications. You will find hundreds of digital clocks on this Official MatsClock website.

MatsClock PowerPoint Tips - Creating LED Text Animation in PowerPoint

This PowerPoint Tip has been used in the MatsClock 120055a Happy New Year Digital Clock you see on this page. The Font has been given a pattern instead of a plain colour with a Glow effect. The PowerPoint LED Text Effect tip used is very simple.

Right click anywhere inside the text you want to create the LED animation. Then select "Format Text Effects". This will open the "Format Shape dialog box on the right side of PowerPoint.

Then click on the text box containing your text so that the entire text box is selected.

Now Click on the first text "A" written in the right side menu and you will see two options. First is "Text Fill" and below that is "Text Outline".

Click on the arrow on the left of "Text Fill" option to open the drop down menu.

Click on the "Pattern Fill" Option. This opens all the patterns available in the PowerPoint.

To get the LED light effect, it is better to click on the bottom right pattern which has large dots.

But you may Click on the pattern you like and then change the two colours given below the patterns as "Foreground" and "Background".

For LED effect make background Black and for foreground select a bright colour.

Click on the "Text Outline" option to open the line type and select "Solid Line" or "Gradient Line"

If you want you may also play around with the 3D options like "Glow" to give that real lighting effect where the glow of the LED on the text spreads a bit around the text giving your LED lighted text a real world LED look.

That is all and now Your text has a great looking LED light effect. To highlight the effect, you may also like to change the background colour of your PowerPoint Slide to a dark colour so that the LED text stands out.

If you want you may animate the LED text the way you want using the "Animations" menu from the top ribbon of PowerPoint and your LED lighted Text Effect is complete.

Let us hope this PowerPoint Presentation tip comes in handy some day in your PowerPoint Presentation.

Free_Download MatsClock_120055  Happy New Year Digital Clock designed with LED Text effect and animated with Glow and Fade effects absolutely Free.

And if you like this Digital Clock then do Share it with everyone freely. Every digital clock and analog clocks downloaded from this website is absolutely Free.

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