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Free Download Merry Christmas MatsClock 120054 - Live 3D Christmas Santa Clause Digital Clock for PowerPoint Presentations

Free_Download MatsClock_120054   This download in .zip format contains 5 different MatsClocks namely, MatsClock 120054, MatsClock 120054a, MatsClock 240054, MatsClock 260054 and MatsClock 280054 all which are contained in the MatsClock 1054 zip file.This 3D Merry Christmas MatsClock made in PowerPoint without using any other graphics software. I have used the power of PowerPoint in displaying 3D objects.

The 3D Santa Clause available in PowerPoint was used for this Christmas Santa Clause digital clock. And then the 3D Santa Clause was given an animation of a swing and the Santa Clause looks scared sitting on the swinging chair with his hands raised.

There are hundreds of Digital Clocks available from this website designed in PowerPoint. The home page of this website also contains a green download button which provides more than 100 analog clocks designed in flash swf format if you want. The new version of PowerPoint may need a small tweak available on microsoft website for running flash swf files. Older versions of PowerPoint may run flash swf files without any problem. 

For the past decade or more this website has been providing digital clocks and analog clocks for free to the world. Please support the thousands of hours spent designing these digital clocks and analog clocks provided free of cost to be used royalty free by just sharing these clocks and the website with everyone freely.

This Merry Christmas Digital Clock was inspired by LED displays seen commonly outside many churches now a days. We hope you liked the LED display which keeps changing with time as they all have staggered fades and appear animation timed differently for each layer.

Sharing these clocks on your social media, will motivate us to create more digital and analog clocks to be published on this website for free for ever. Use the sharing buttons on the left of this page or on the bottom of your mobile screen to spread the word. A big thankyou from the heart every time share the website or share the clocks you loved watching and using for Your PowerPoint Presentations.

MatsClock PowerPoint Tips - Inserting Live 3D Models in PowerPoint

Animated 3D models on a full screen will enhance your PowerPoint Presentation and earn you the respect you deserve for all the effort and numerous hours you have put in to create your Presentation. The PowerPoint Presentation Tip should help at least some people who are yet to learn about this beautiful feature of the latest PowerPoint Software.

To insert 3D model follow these steps

Click on Insert Tab on the top ribbon.
Now click on 3D and a dialog box with all the 3D models available on PowerPoint opens up.
Select the 3D model category and select the 3D model you like and that 3D model gets downloaded into your slide.
Otherwise, you can select the dropdown menu of 3D model using the small arrow below the 3D on the ribbon and type in the 3D object name into the search of 3D dialog to see all the 3D models available under that name and then select the 3D model you like.
The download of 3D model may take some time depending on your internet speed.

MatsClock PowerPoint Tips - 6D Animation of 3D Models in PowerPoint

This tip pertains to animating 3D models in PowerPoint. The 3D object animations are slightly different from the normal animation of 2d graphics. The 3D objects can be made to actually rotate in 3 dimentional space. That means 6 degrees of freedom or 6D.

The 6D animation means that the 3D models can move along X, Y and Z axis as well as rotate around the X, Y and Z axis making it 6D or Six Degrees of freedom.

The greatest part of PowerPoint software is that you can animate any 3D Model like a 2D object as well as a 3D model which rotates exactly like real world objects in your hand. This feature alone makes PowerPoint a great software. If a user can cleverly combine two or more animations, then the 3D object can be animated in 6 Dimensions or 6D right inside PowerPoint.

Presentations with a 3D object animated in 6D object is surely going to attract the attention of the audience especially if they are not tech sauvy. Your presentation will look and feel thoroughly professional to any audience. The more intricate your animation, the more realistic the 3D model will be and you will earn the respect of your audience.

The MatsClock 120054a is a Santa Clause in GLTF 3D model which keeps swinging on the top left of the slide above the LED Merry Christmas that keeps changing colour. Similarly the balloons rotating on the right side is also a GLTF 3D model available online to be imported in PowerPoint for free.

The Microsoft PowerPoint also accepts 3D models which you can generate in any 3D Software like 3DS Max, Maya, AutoCad etc and export to formats like 3MF, FBX, OBJ, PLY, STL, GLB, GLTF and import into PowerPoint using the same insert 3D on the top ribbon and select your computer instead of going online.

3D Manufacturing Format: - 3MF.
Filmbox Format - FBX.
Object Format - OBJ.
Polygon Format - PLY.
Stereolithography Format - STL.
BBinary GL Transmission Format - GLB or GLTF

Let us hope these PowerPoint tips come in handy to you some day and you get the respect from your audience that you rightly deserve. In case you are presenting anything about Christmas or Santa Clause then MatsClock 120054a you see above is a great 3D Santa Clause animated in 6D for you. Download it for Free or select from the hundreds of digital clocks available on this original MatsClock website.

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