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MatsClock Presentation Tips - Vector Graphics Editing Shapes in PowerPoint

Did you know this PowerPoint Tip on how to combine different shapes as Vector Graphics? PowerPoint lets you do many of the tasks for which you required a different graphic software. The best part is that these shapes are all vectors which work on mathematical formulas and thus takes only a fraction of file size that a photo of that would require to store.

Using shapes will reduce the size of your PowerPoint Presentation and give an enhanced professional look to your Presentation. In addition, the size of your PowerPoint file would be in just a few KB or Kilo Byte size. But if you were to use some jpg file, the size of PowerPoint Presentation would run into many MB or Mega Byte size.

To use Vector all that you need to use is to select the Insert tab on the top ribbon in PowerPoint and click on the Shapes with a rhombus, square and circle and the word Shapes written below it. From the drop down menu of shapes you can select any shape. The moment you click the shape the menu dissappears.

Now press your left mouse button anywhere inside your slide and just drag diagonally to darw that shape and a vector graphic shape you selected is created. There are many simple shapes and complex shapes. But all these shapes are mathematically done. So it is not creating any jpg like file. But a mathematical graph which works on formula to create this vector graphic. It is this mathematical algorithm or formula that makes the size of each of these shapes.

Once you have drawn your selected grahpics or shape, click on the Format tab in the top ribbon of PowerPoint and click on the Shape Fill option, select the colour or gradient colour to fill with a beautiful colour. Even this colour gradient is a vector formula and uses very very little bits to be stored compared to Kilo bits used by jpg or other formats.

You can change the outline colour and thickness by selecting the Shape Outline option in Fomat tab. There is one more option called Shape Effects which allows you to convert your 2D shape into a 3D object and manipulate it to your hearts content. Your imgination is the limit.

PowerPoint even converts your fonts or text into vector graphics. You have the similar options for fonts like your shapes. You can give colour or a gradient colour, text out line of different colours and thickness. You could also convert your text from 2D to 3D and rotate them as you wish.

PowerPoint Tip - Saving PowerPoint Slide as Vector Graphic File like .SVG or .EMF to Reduce File Size

Did you know this PowerPoint tip that each slide independently or all the slides in your PowerPoint Presentation could be saved into a Vector graphics for editing them in Adobe Photoshop or Corel, Xara or such other Vector Editing Software?

To save your Slide as an SVG (Scalable Vector graphics) or EMF (Enhanced Windows Meta File) you have to click on File tab in the PowerPoint ribbon on top and then click Save As.

On the resulting dialogbox select the folder where you want to save the file. Now give a name to your file you wish to save the SVG or EMF file.

Now click on the  tab below the file name which says PowerPoint Presentation (*.pptx) and you will see a drop down menu.

On this drop down menu select Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) or Enhanced Windows Metafile (EMF) and then click on Save.

You can select to Save only the current slide or all the slides as seperate .svg or .emf files. This is an amazing PowerPoint tip.

Now go to the folder on your computer or phone where you have saved the file. Compared to your PowerPoint file, you can see that both SVG and EMF files which you have saved will have and amazingly very small file size. That is the magic of vector graphics and PowerPoint supports it.

Not many people know about this PowerPoint tip of creating and editing vector graphics in PowerPoint itself and the go to other software to create jpg files which are very large in file size and insert them into PowerPoint slides thereby bloating up the size of their Presentation file. I hope this Vector Graphics PowerPoint tip helps you some day.


Free Download Merry Christmas MatsClock 120053 - Live Christmas Digital Clock for PowerPoint PPT

Free_Download MatsClock_120053  This Merry Christmas MatsClock download contains a set of 5 Digital Clocks purely designed in PowerPoint. The entire scene of a lawn with tiles laid on the floor which gives a perspective look and the wall are all made in PowerPoint without using any graphics software. In addition the screen and wooden frames in all the MatsClocks like MatsClock 120053, MatsClock 120053a, MatsClock 240053, MatsClock 260053 and MatsClock 280053 all which are contained in the MatsClock 1053 zip file.

This MatsClock was created to be used in your Christmas celebrations. Christmas is around the corner. There are big screens in many places including the city square and churches. Why not showcase this MatsClock 120053 at the Christmas eve or Christmas party. It will add colour to your christmas celebrations. There is no music in this animation and thus your christmas celeberation music could run seperately unhindered.

Once I was sitting in the club where there was big screen with a lamp on top. It was meant to be lighting up a large poster. That evening was a football match and the club had decided to put a white screen there and show the football match on that huge screen. The screen had a huge wooden frame to hold the entire poster screen on the wall. The lawn was tiled.

They had used large tiles with gaps in between them for grass to grow. In addition they also had some led lights shining around each tile. That is what inspired me to make this digital clock on the lines of the club I had visited. And thus MatsClock 120053 Digital Clock idea was born. I hope you liked it. And if you do like it, do not forget to share it free to everyone. Click on the next clock to see many more such digital clocks on this website.

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