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PowerPoint Presentation Tips - How Many Slides Per PowerPoint Presentation PPT

One of the import PowerPoint Presentation tips that comes to you with experience of making and giving PowerPoint Presentation PPTs over a long period of time is that after a few slides, your audience start getting distracted and will start showing interest in what you are saying. There is no fixed number of slides. Once again it depends on what is the topic your Presentation based on, how good you are in speaking and holding the attention of your audience, how simple yet educative were each of your slides etc.

There is no hard and fast rule. But experts say, never have more than a dozen slides. The word dozen means twelve (12). So, twelve slides is the maximum limit. You may have a two or three less than 12, but ensure that you restrict yourself from including too many slides. The more the slides you make, the more time will your audience spend reading those slides. Instead, why not think and put simple text bullets that conveys just the subject you will be talking up on and not the entire information. That way you can hold your audience attentive to what you are saying.

Use good pictures pleasing to the eyes. If you cannot get a meaningful picture, then use a smart art or graphic to convey the meaning. Just bulletted text could make your slides boring. Ensure that each has a variation from all the other, but never change the theme of your slides like the place where your company logo apears, background colour, font colours etc. Ensure that each slide in your PowerPoint Presentation is going to be remembered by your audience. Remember the PowerPoint Slides are just an aid to your presentation to convey what you are speaking. It is not the otherway around.

In otherwords, this PowerPoint Presentation Tip says that you are not complementing your PPT slides, it is the PPT slides being displayed on the Presentation screen which is aiding you in presenting the Subject to your audience.

Free Download MatsClock 120040a - Live 12 Hour AM/PM 3D PowerPoint Coffee Cup Digital Clock Timer PPT

MatsClock 120040a is a Live 12 hour PowerPoint AM/PM Digital Clock timer running on a glass slide placed on a coffee cup. Use the green Download PPT button to get the original PowerPoint PPT of this digital clock timer in a zip file. The Download Zip file MatsClock 120040 PPT contains three separate digital wall clocks inserted into PowerPoint Presentation PPT Slides.

The first digital wall clock is a 12 Hour AM/PM digital clock. That is what you see in the screen capture video  on YouTube above. The 3D coffee cup is available in the PowerPoint 3D Catalog. The other two digital clocks are 12 hour and a 24 hour digital clocks running on glass slide placed on a 3D coffee cup like this one.

The AM/PM digital clock has AM or PM suffixed to indicate morning and afternoon time in 12 hour time format. And the 24 hour clock timer uses continuous digits from 1 to 24 to indicate time of the day like the clocks you see in the railway stations and the airports.


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