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PowerPoint Presentation Tips - Tell A Story to Your Audience

If you read holy bible, you see that Jesus had a large number of people coming to him on their own, because he used to tell them stories which had a moral. Humanbeings are actually designed by nature to listen to stories. So one of the best PowerPoint Presentation Tips I could give you along with this MatsClock 120039 Free PowerPoint Digital Clock, is to urge you to tell a story to your audience.

Instead of narrating at length about you, you could just tell them a catchy story or an event from your life. If you make the audience laugh or at least smile, you win the hearts of half the audience for the duration of your presentation.

To tell a story you need a reason. Once you have decided on the story or event you will tell your audience, you need to make a PowerPoint Slide. This slide should be the first slide of your presentation. The text or the picture you put on this first slide of your presentation preferably should be somehow related to you and your presentation to generate some interest from your audience.

Let it stay on screen for a while and wait for someone to ask you about the slide. If no one asks, then after 30 seconds or so narrate the story or the event behind the slide. It should end with the topic of the presentation and should revolve around you as the main character. Often people hate hearing too many qualifications of the presenter.

Using a story you can introduce yourself to your audience without anoying them. Not only that, whenever any of your audience remember the story in the future, they will remember you and the subject of your PowerPoint Presentation.

And if you are giving a PowerPoint Presentation on a music related subject or music or a musical instrument, then display the Free Digital Clock 120038 Piano running the time on your screen. To see how it looks just run the screen capture video of the digital clock on Youtube on top of this page.

Your audience will be be mesmerised seeing a digital clock running in PowerPoint. Everyone who has used PowerPoint software will know that PowerPoint does not allow a digital clock to run live on a slide in Presentation mode in full screen. You will earn respect of your audience.


Free Download MatsClock 120039a - Live 12 Hour PowerPoint Piano Digital Clock PPT

MatsClock 120039a is a Live 12  hour PowerPoint AM/PM Digital Clock running beside a Piano.  Use the green Download PPT button to get the original PowerPoint PPT of this digital clock in a zip file. The Download Zip file MatsClock 240037 PPT contains three separate digital wall clocks inserted into PowerPoint Presentation PPT Slides.

The first digital wall clock runs like a 12 Hour AM/PM digital clock which what you see in the screen capture YouTube video above with the digital clock running on the floor next to the Piano. The other two digital clocks are 12 hour and a 24 hour digital clock.


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