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PowerPoint Presentation Tips - Make Your Pictures Tell A Story in Each PPT Slide

Have you ever attended a boring PowerPoint Presentation which has slide after slide filled with text? So why repeat the same and lose the attention of your audience even before you are half way into your presentation?

A PowerPoint Presentation Slide in itself a story board. Each slide conveys a concept. It is said that a picture says 1000 words. So using pictures in your PPT slides is one of the greatest PowerPoint Presentation tips you could ever get.

Use at least one picture appropriate for the slide. Do not add too many pictures on one slide. Also the picture should just be complementing the text on the slide. Often it makes sense to put just a picture on the screen without any text except the heading. Let your picture convey what you want to convey to your audience without writing text of speaking anything.

Allow a few seconds to make the concept sink into your audience. Maybe you could ask a question to make the audience understand the concept behind that picture on the presentation slide or screen. You could ask something like, "Can someone tell me where you see that item or how many items do you see in this picture or what do you understand from this picture?"

You could even congratulate the first person who answers your question on the picture. Then go on and explain that picture in just a sentence or two. Do not elaborate the picture. If you have to elaborate on the picture on the screen, it means that the picture is not able to convey what you want to say. Change that picture.

More PowerPoint Presentation Tips on Using Picture in PPT Slides

Always choose a picture which is simple to understand for everyone and not just the knowledgeable audience only. If the picture is confusing or complicated, then crop what is not required and focus on one concept. Use another cropped picture on the next screen which is the same picture cropped at a different place to show something else. Not more than 3 pictures slides should be shown consequently in the PPT sildes. Otherwise your audience will forget what they saw.

After you show a few cropped parts, bring up a slide with the full picture and explain the whole concept highlighting what you were showing them in the previous three slides with this same picture cropped around various highlighted items. This kind of breaking down a picture, allows your audience to understand any complex subject easily.

You may use this technique of picture cropping as many times in your PowerPoint Presentation slides. Remember that too many pictures shown on PPT Slides could become monotonous. Include a video to break the monotony. Or even using a popular cartoon could break the monotony. Cartoons and other media are all copyright protected. So just make a cartoon yourself using a few shapes available inside PowerPoint itself to get your job done.

If you have noticed, I have designed a newsroom with two 3D cartoon characters available in PowerPoint software to simulate the newsroom and put a digital clock on the side. The small size of the two human like cartoons will give an illusion that the digits changing on the digital clock MatsClock 240036 are actually very large.

I hope this PowerPoint Presentation Tip on using picture to make your PPT slides gives your presentation a professional touch and earn you more respect from your audience.

Free Download MatsClock 120036 PPT - 24 Hour Live PowerPoint Digital Wall Clock

MatsClock 240036 is a Live 12 hour PowerPoint Digital Clock. Use the green Download PPT button to get the original PowerPoint PPT of this digital clock in a zip file. The Download Zip file MatsClock 240036 PPT contains three separate digital wall clocks inserted into PowerPoint Presentation PPT Slides. The first digital wall clock runs like a 24 Hour digital clock which what you see in the screen capture video above with the digital clock running on the wall in the newsroom.

A 24 hour clock is normally used in the airports and railway stations etc to avoid any confusion between AM and PM times. After 12 pm, the clock displays 13 instead of 1 pm. 14 means 2 pm and 20:54:30 hours seen in the picture above means 8:54:30 pm. Thus, there is no confustion as to what time it is. The Download PPT zip file contains 12 hour, 24 hour and even an AM/PM digital clock. Just double click any of the three and the presentation will run the digital clock. Ensure that you "Enable Content" when the system asks you to run the Macro.

Click on the Run Clock button to see a 30 seconds High Definition Screen Capture Video of this majestic Digital Wall Clock running on computer in fullscreen. You can use the green Download PPT button above to download and use this Digital Wall Clock PowerPoint PPT free during your Presentations. You can freely Share this MatsClock 240036 PowerPoint file to anyone, but without modifying the PPT file in any way.

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