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PowerPoint Presentation Tips - Which Font to Use in PPT Slides?

If you were to see numbers displayed on your digital clock using fonts other than a digital looking fonts, will you buy that digital clock or wrist watch?

If you see the picture above of the digital wall clock, you will notice that I have used a digital looking font which all of us are accustomed to seeing on most digital clocks. I could have used any font to display the digital clock showing current time live. But I used a digital font to make it more professional and authentic. This is a valuable PowerPoint Presentation tip.

Similarly, every PowerPoint Presentation should have a unique font selected. Sans Serif fonts are ideal because they have no decorations on the top and bottom and thus makes it easy for Sans Serif Fonts to be read from the far end of the auditorium where you are conducting your presentation.

But remember to use a Font theme throughout your presentation slides. This must be decided before you start making your PPT. Otherwise it becomes it becomes difficult to change fonts on each slide. You could use the slide master to do this magic. You could also chose the themes available within PowerPoint Software which are professionally designed so that you and I can make a professional presentation easily.

Free Download MatsClock 120035a PPT - 12 Hour AM/PM Live PowerPoint Digital Wall Clock

MatsClock 120035a is a Live 12 hour AM/PM PowerPoint Digital Clock. The Download Zip file MatsClock 120035 PPT contains three separate digital wall clocks inserted into PowerPoint Presentation PPT Slides. The first digital wall clock runs like a 12 Hour AM PM digital clock which what you see in the screen capture video above with the digital clock running on the wall in the room.

Click on the Run Clock button to see a 30 seconds High Definition Screen Capture Video of this majestic Digital Wall Clock running on computer in fullscreen. You can use the green Download PPT button above to download and use this Digital Wall Clock PowerPoint PPT free during your Presentations. You may Share this MatsClock 120035 PowerPoint file absolutely free to anyone without any modifications.

All the furniture, the flower vase and books used in this Presentation slide have all been inserted from the 3D option available in the Latest PowerPoint Software. Update Your PowerPoint Version from Microsoft 365 which is the official website of Microsoft and get all these options on your Computer, Laptop or Phone. Microsoft provides hundreds of different 3D objects which you can actually manipulate right inside your PowerPoint Slide in the edit mode itself.

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