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Presentation Tips - Use Sans Serif Fonts in Your PowerPoint Presentations

You may have seen people using different fonts in the text on screen when you attend some PowerPoint Presentations. A font with decorations on them will confuse the reader if the font size is small or if the audience reading the text on screen is too far away from the presentation screen.

Hence one of the PowerPoint Presentation Tips worth remembering is to use a Sans Serif Font. Sans means without or no. So Sans Serif means no serif in the font or no decorations on the font. They would look as if a person has written it with a pen or pencil. Sans Serif Fonts are easy to read even if written small and whilst reading from far when the fonts look apparently small to the reader.

There are hundreds of Free Sans Serif Fonts available. Even the Microsoft is providing Sans Serif Fonts in PowerPoint for Free.

Remember that it is not the beauty of the Fonts you use that makes your presentation great. It is the way you present your concept and communication that gives your PowerPoint Presentation a Professional touch and earn respect of your audience. I hope this PowerPoint Presentation Tip will give you the satisfaction even if your audience do not understand that you have used a Sans Serif Font for their benefit.

Even the Flashing Digital Wrist Watch MatsClock 120032a is using a Digital Font which has no decorations. Display this digital wrist watch on your screen to give a professional touch to your PowerPoint Presentation and earn your audience's respect instantly. Remember, well begun is half done.

Free Download MatsClock 120032a PPT - Live 12 Hour AM/PM PowerPoint Flashing Digital Wrist Watch

MatsClock 120032a is a Live 12 hour Flashing AM/PM PowerPoint Digital Wrist Watch or Clock. The Download Zip file MatsClock 120032a contains three separate wrist watches. The first digital wrist watch runs like a 12 Hour digital clock which what you see in the screen capture video above with am/pm suffix.

Click on the Run Clock button to see the clock video which is a 30 seconds High Definition Screen Capture of this majestic Digital Clock running on computer in full screen mode and see the Wrist Watch clock face, flashing in synchronisation with the seconds display of the wrist watch. You can use the green Download PPT button above and use this PowerPoint Wrist Watch PPT free during your Presentations. You can even Share this MatsClock 120032a PowerPoint file absolutely free to anyone without any modifications.

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