Analog Clock Timer - Displays Live Time in PowerPoint (Free Download)

Free Download MatsClock 120129   This Live Analog Clock that displays time with hours, minutes and seconds needle along with a Digital Timer below the Analog Clock as you can see in the Youtube Video above.. I have designed this Live Analog Clock to imitate a real alarm clock at my home. The analog clock needles show exact time in hours, minutes and time exactly you would see time in a real alarm clock or a wrist watch. Analog Clocks are the most beautiful way of knowing time. But, some people love Digital Clocks. That is why I have put a Digital Clock Timer just below the Alarm Clock.

How to Start Analog Clock?

The Analog Clock hour, minute and second needles will start showing live time the moment you move your mouse cursor over the Digital Clock digits which will look like --:--:-- when you open the clock. The moment the digital clock starts, the analog clock needles will also reposition and start rotating to show you the local time in your Computer or Laptop. Please Click on "Enable Content" if your computer asks whilst opening the MatsClock 120129 pptm file. But, if you see the clock is not running even after enabling content and moving the cursor over the --:--:-- then you may have to manually enable macro by clicking on the File tab on the top ribbon menu of PowerPoint and follow this:  File >> Options >> Trust Center >> Trust Center Settings >> Enable all macros

Can I use this Analog Clock in my Business Presentations?

Most Certainly. You are welcome to use this Analog Clock in any Presentation. You can add slides before the analog clock slide or after it. You are not allowed to modify the Analog Clock slide.

What Software is Required to Run this Analog Clock?

This clock is designed purely using only the inbuilt features of PowerPoint  like 3D and visual basic vba etc. This macro enabled PowerPoint .pptm file can be opened in both Windows Computers and MAC PCs installed with PowerPoint or some other programs like Microsoft PowerPoint 365, Google Slides, MobiSystems OfficeSystems Pro, Corel Presentation, Open Office Impress, Kingsoft Presentation, Ability Office, Apple Preview, Apple Keynote etc without any problem. Support for phones is depending on which program you are using to open the analog clock pptm file. If your phone presentation viewer is able to open the PowerPoint .pptm files then this analog clock can run on Smart Phones also.

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