Greenwich Mean Time GMT/UTC - 01:30 Hours

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The UTC-1:30 hours is not used as the standard time for any country in the world. But for academic interest I put this MatsClock-gmt-1329 free flash gmt clock for those who need to see this time of GMT minus 1:30 hours on the websites or computers.



Country Standard Time GMT-1:30

No country presently uses GMT-1:30 as their country standard time. But it is a matter of time that GMT-1:30 also is used somewhere. Most governments change their country standard time as the history has proved time and again. For example many countries follow separate time in winter and summer which may be an hour different from each other. As we see today, many countries are breaking up into two or more countries and if one of them falls into this time zone then you may see a change over to GMT-1:30 hours as their country standard time some day.