Time On Clock is UTC/GMT - 2:00 Hours

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Mid Atlantic Region uses GMT-2:00 Hours as their standard time. Often called as Coordinated Universal Time - 02 also. This GMT Free Flash Clock MatsClock-gmt-1330 will show you the time of two hours past the greenwich mean time irrespective of local time in your computer.



Country Standard Time GMT-2:00

There are only two countries presently using GMT-2:00 hours as their country standard time. These are Ferando de Noronha in Brazil and South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands of United Kingdom. The other parts of Brazil and UK are using other time zones. It is possible for one country to have many time zones to suit the size of the country. For example if you take Russia, it is so large that when the time in Eastern Russia is noon, the sun may be just rising in the middle and western parts of Russia. So these countries may have more than one off set time from the Greenwich Mean Time GMT or Universal Co-ordinated Time UTC.