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MatsClock 1047 for PowerPoint Website Timer Clock
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Magic Eye Ball Free Flash WallClock

MatsClock 1047 is Magic Eye Ball WallClock. I designed this wallclock with a big difference from all my previous clock to make it unique in design. First of all this free flash clock is fully copper in colour. But you can change the color of the flash clock by clicking on the color square on the top left of the flash clock. Instead of a pendulum swinging in the clock, I put an eye ball in the center. The eyeball will keep swinging once every two seconds. You can test the time of eye ball swing by following the seconds needle in this flash clock and the eyeball swing. It took some time to design this flash wallclock. But once I made it I was pleased with it.

Unique Magic EyeBall WallClock www.MatsClock.com

I gave the edges of the magic eyeball flash wallclock a design to look like a magical old round copper tray. I gave a little old style design to the hour needle and the seconds needles also in this flash clock. The clock's magic eye is also embedded inside the clock dial to give the illusion of a real eye looking left and right. All these make MatsClock 1047 a real magic eyeball clock. Even the clock hour minutes and seconds needles have a magical touch about them. This magic eyeball wallclock is one of my rare flash clock creations. I am sure you do not find this flash clock design anywhere else in the world except at my matsclock.com site. Weather you like my clocks or not I have put in a lot of time and effort in creating each of these clocks. But your appreciation will boost me to create more creative flash clocks which you can freely download, distribute, gift or use any matsclock in your PC, powerpoint presentations, blogs and websites without altering them.











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