Colouring Flash WallClock Dial

MatsClock 1038 Free Flash Clock
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Colouring Free Flash WallClock Dial

MatsClock 1038 is a much improved flash clock. This Flash WallClock dial come with a colour changing option for the user. There is a color square on the left top edge of the flash wallclock. Click on it and you can easily change the colour of your MatsClock 1038. The colour changing options even allows you to have any of the 65 million colors as well as control over the Alpha settings from 1 to 100%. This means that this flash clock dial can be changed with the occassion and mood of the user. Some users feedback that they want to be able to change the colour of their clock makes me give out this free flash wallclock with this great feature.

Colour Changing Flash Wall Clock Dial

You can also FREE Download All Flash wall Clocks You are free to display these flash clocks on your websites or in your powerpoint presentations or on your desktops. You can also download and use these flash clocks to be given away as gifts as long as you do not take the credit away from me. All my flash wall clocks are available for FREE for anyone to use or distribute as it.

Chanaged WallClock Dial Colour

Free Flash Clocks from are a free alternative to all those clocks in your house and offices that needs a lot of trees to be cut down causing global warming and climate change and most of them also eat up a lot of plastic which cannot be recycled completely. Gift a matsclock flash clock free to all your friends and relatives. Save the earth. You don't need to change the colour of a clock every time. The clock dial is dynamic colour capable. You can change the colour of the wallclock dial as you feel like.