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Analog Clocks

Analog Clocks and Digital Clocks are the two different types of clocks we know of. The analog clock usually is much better than a digital clock. I am sure you do not agree with me. You will find the answer as you read the subsequent paragraphs as to why I say that Analgo Clocks are better than Digital Clock. MatsClock 1010 is a classic example because there are no numerals and still you are able to know the time by just looking at the clock to the nearest second. I am sure you agree.

Analog Clocks and Early Human Behaviour

From the time humans started thinking they needed to measure time they spent on each task even if it was hunting and wanted to set a time for getting up in the morning, having food which we call breakfast, lunch and dinner which are the three totally different names given to food eaten at three different times even if all three are exactly the same food. The early humans started looking up at the sun, his own shadow, the moon, the stars etc to know the time. He also looked at the rain and the dry season, the flowering and the leaf shedding seasons of the nature to know what time of the year it is.

Analog Clocks and Human Behaviour Now

Today the human beings like us use analog clocks like the good old huge pendulum clock lovingly known as the grandpa clock made of wood and steel and brass etc nicely decorated. As time passed, the huge grandpa analog clocks became smaller as they were now electrically run with a few dry cells to keep the analog clock needles ticking. The analog clock started waking up the lazy humans early in the morning exactly when he wanted to rise with its alarm or its bell ringing.

Phones, TV, Radio Replaced Analog Clocks ?

The Analog Clocks started getting replaced by other gadgets today. For example initially the analog phones with facility for a call back at a preset time was used by our fathers to wake them up in the morning by setting the alarm or phone call back. This was then replaced by the radio stations which started only at 6 am or so and most people preferred to get up with this consoling music from their radios. Then came the television sets with the capability to switch on itself at a preset time and preset tv channel.

Wall Clock are also Analog Clocks

Then the revolution came about with multi colour wall clocks of various sizes with and without the alam and you could even set a different chime or sound for each hour. This means that you could hear the time or recognize the time even when you sleep without opening your eyes as you could hear the hourly chime throughout the night. Some one objected and they came up with a means to keep the wall clock silent at night hours till the time you want to wake up which was the morning alarm from the analog clock. Thus the poor analog clock was losing its job as an alarm clock. The wall clocks now available are analog clocks without any sound. The analog clocks have kept silent because if they speak then the analog clock will be fired out of job in to the dust bin.

Mobile Phones with Analog Clocks or Digital Clock ?

As the mobile phones came into everyone's pocket, most people stopped wearing wrist watches because you could check time on the mobile phone. So then why waste money on a wrist watch was the question. But by default the clocks on the mobile is usually digital with numbers changing. Most people prefer to have a digital clock on their mobile clock because they are not used to analog clocks and its superiority over a digital clock. I still prefer an Analog Clock on my mobile than a digital clock on which the numbers change.

Why Analog Clocks Better or Digital Clock ?

You know the exact time by just glancing at an Analog Clock. This is because of the angle of the minute needle and hour needle of the analog clock tells you the time even if there are no digits on a clock. One look even tells you the exact seconds. That is why MatsClock 1010 Free Flash Clock shown on top of this page has no digits on it but only small squares instead and you could still know the time. But to know the time on a digital clock you will need to read the digital clock numerals which are continuously changing. If you have poor eye sight as you grow old it becomes even more difficult to read the time on a digital clock.

Analog Clocks Gives Rate of Time

There is still one very big factor that stands out the analog clock from the digital clock. This one factor is the rate at which time is passing. Looking at a digital clock can you tell how much time it will take to pass 30 seconds without continuously looking at the changing digits on the digital clock. But if you look at the Analog Clock for some time then you can visualise the rate at which time is passing and judge quite accurately any number of seconds. Thus when it comes to rate of time Analog Clock wins over the Digital Clock. And that is why I still use analog clock at my home, wear a wrist watch which is nothing but analog clock and I keep designing analog clocks which are absolutely free to download for anyone visiting my website.