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STOPCLOCK - MatsClock 1066


A stopclock is a useful clock that can show you elapsed time. Start the Stopclock when an event starts and when the event stops you see the time taken for the event to complete. Stopclock is used mostly in the sports and science fields. MatsClock 1066 is an amazing stopclock that can show not only the elapsed time but MatsClock 1066 shows you the local time or your country standard time and even the GMT or greenwich mean time or UTC also called as universal time constant. The indigo colour needles in a similar colour dial inside this stopclock shows you the local time and the green needles with the green dial displays the GMT. This Stopclock also shows you the real local/gmt seconds inside the red coloured dial with a red seconds needle. MatsClock 1066 also has huge needles to display the time elapsed. When you start the stopclock the seconds needle which was originally dark red in colour will get lighted up in 3D and starts rotating smoothly.

Uses of StopClock

The MatsClock 1066 was designed in a beautiful golden brass frame to give the stopclock a wallclock look which can be displayed on your computer screen or projection screen. You do not get a large stopclock. All the stopclock used in sports fields are held with the referee. But with MatsClock 1066 you can display a Stopclock which is as large as the screen which your projector is using. Thus you can have all your sports field audience see the super large analog stopclock which shows the local time, the GMT as well as the elapsed time. If you are giving a presentation in a conference, then you can display this stopclock either full screen or on the corner of your computer screen to keep a track of how much time has elapsed and how much time you have in hand to complete your presentation. If you were conducting an examination, then you can display MatsClock 1066 stopclock for the students to have an idea of how much time they have used up and how much time do they have in hand to complete their examination. Whatever be the reason you can save a lot of money by displaying this free stopclock in swf flash format which will run on any computer.