MatsClock 120111 - 3D Digital Clock

MatsClock Free 3D City PowerPoint Digital Clock PPT Slides

Free Download MatsClock 120111 This MatsClock is a Free 3D PowerPoint 3D Digital Clock. This zip file contains 5 PPT Slides with Unique Digital Clocks on each slide. You can use these MatsClocks absolutely Royalty-Free in your Presentations including your Business Presentations. The MatsClock is a stand alone PowerPoint PPT file in the ppsm format that you can download and run by just double clicking on the downloaded file. Everyday we release on Digital Clock on our Digital_Clock_YouTube_Channel. We release one new Free MatsClock every day on Youtube. So Subscribe to our Youtube Channel called Digital Clock if you want to be notified.

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PowerPoint Tip - Align Objects Using Guides

Did you experience trouble to aligning text, pictures and shapes etc in the same position on all your slides?

Here is a simple and easy PowerPoint tip to align all your items on all the slides using guides.

Go to the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu on top and click on the "View" Tab.

Now put a check mark in the small box you see before the word "Guides".

You can now see a vertical and a horizontal dotted line running across your slide dividing your slide into 4 equal rectangles.

You can align all your items using these guide lines in the four quadrants the way you wish.

You can keep your mouse on top of the vertical or horizontal line on a blank part of your slide till the move handles appear.

Now click and move the line horizontally or vertically by holdingthe left mouse button to reposition the Guide lines anywhere on your PowerPoint Slide.

If you cannot see the handles appear, then zoom out the slide holding your "Ctrl" button and rotating your mouse wheel or using the Zoom bar on the bottom right of your PowerPoint Window.

If you have an item on the screen then the Guide lines cannot be selected. So after zooming use a part of the screen outside your slide.

Whatever you do to the guide lines will globally happen on each and every slide in your PowerPoint file.

Once you have placed the Guides where you want, you can start aligning items with respect to the Guide lines on all your slides.

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