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MatsClock 120098 - Animated Cartoon Face Free PowerPoint Digital Clock PPT Slide

Animated_Cartoon_Face Digital_Clock MatsClock-120098  Free Download MatsClock_120098 Zip file with 5 Beautiful  Digital Clocks PowerPoint PPT Slides . This MatsClock is Free to Download, Use and Share Freely. Run this Digital Clock during any PowerPoint Presentation to small Kids. The cartoon face is animated to continuously change its expression and mood and the animated cartoon face is always looking at you. Ideal for running a classroom of small children.

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PowerPoint Tips - Using Eye Dropper Colour Tool

This is an important PowerPoint Tip to those who love playing with colours. Suppose you are making a PowerPoint graphic, shape, text etc and you want to use a particular colour you had seen in some photograph or graphics somewhere. Here is an easy way to use that particular colour without any hassle with this PowerPoint tip.

Copy the picture or photo you had seen anywhere on the internet. Then, paste it inside the PowerPoint Slide you are working on and drag it to a side.

Select the graphic or shape you want to give a particular colour from that picture. Right Click your selected graphics or shape and Click on the "Format Object" from the right click drop down menu to open the Format menu on the right hand side of your slide.

Click on the Paint bucket and from the drop down menu select the Eye Dropper Tool. When you do this your mouse cursor will now looks like the eye dropper with a small square on its right top edge which changes colour as you move your mouse around.

 Move the eye dropper tool with your mouse to the part of the picture from where you want to select the colour. Once you like the colour the square next to the eye dropper is showing, just click there. And the selected shape or graphic will now be filled with this colour you selected. It is as easy to do as that.

I hope you liked the PowerPoint Tip and it helps you in creating beautifully coloured graphics in future using the colour you desire. In addition if you liked our Animated_Cartoon_Face Digital_Clock MatsClock-120098  which keeps changing its facial expressons continuously, then please share a link to this website or the youtube video on your facebook, twitter, reddit, email etc.

Every page with a PowerPoint digital clock on website will also have at least one PowerPoint tip as well. Please bookmark for future by clicking the Favourite or star near the browser address bar. We have been providing everything free to everyone since 2010.

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