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MatsClock 120094 - Sun Rise Digital Clock Free PowerPoint PPT Slides

Sun_Rise Digital_Clock MatsClock-120094  Free download MatsClock_120094 Zip file which is a set of 5 Beautiful  Digital Clocks with Digits made of Glass, inserted into 5 different PowerPoint Slides. This MatsClock is a Free for Download PPT file. Earn Respect from Your Audience or students by keeping them mesmerised with Time and Date displayed live on full screen during your presentation.

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PowerPoint Tip - Change Your Default Text Box Formatting

Not many people are aware of this beautiful PowerPoint Tip that could save you tons of time whilst editting a large PowerPoint Presentation.

This PowerPoint Tip is on how to change your default text box fromatting from the boring unformatted text to whatever you want to use in your Presentation throughout.

To change the default text box, click on the "Insert" Tab in the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu on top.

Select "Text Box" and then click anywhere inside your PowerPoint Slide. If there is no space inside the slide then click outside the slide margin to get a blank text box with a flashing cursor.

Now Type something into the Text Box and apply some formatting like "Bold", "Underline", Change to some other Colour, make the Font Large or Small, Change the Font to some other font etc.

Now suppose you want to use the same formatting every time you open a new Text Box without going through the whole lot of formatting you did just now.

Here is the Magic to easily change your deafult Text Box formatting.

Once you have done formatting the text box, just click outside the text box, Right Click on the visible border of the Text Box rectangle and select "Set as Default Text Box". That is all.

Now every time you insert a new Text Box and start typing, you will the same Formatting you had already done once and set as default text box formatting. It is as simple as that.

If you liked this PowerPoint tip or if you liked this Sun_Rise_Digital_Clock MatsClock-120094 with Digital made of Glass, then please share the link to this website or the youtube video on your facebook, twitter, reddit, email etc.

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