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MatsClock 120091 - Solar System Animation Free PowerPoint PPT Slides

Animated_Solar_System MatsClock-120091  Free download MatsClock_120091 Zip file which is a set of 5 Beautifully Animated Solar System with all the planets including the earth revolving around the sun and looping forever which has been inserted into 5 different PowerPoint Slides. Each slide also has a Digital Clock which displays real time ticking in digital format with the current date. This MatsClock is a Free for Download PPT file. Earn Respect from Your Audience or students and keep them mesmerised with this unique Free Animated Solar System.

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PowerPoint Tip - Create a Photo Album in 2 Mouse Clicks

Here is a Great PowerPoint Tip which most people just do not use. When there is a need to insert many photos into a presentation most people would start by opening a new slide, then insert one photograph, then they would open another blank slide and insert another picture and keep wasting time.

There is an easier method to create a full Photo Album in 2 mouse clicks. This is how it is done.

Go to PowerPoint Ribbon Menu on top and click on "Insert" Tab.

Now click on the "New Photo Album".

From the dialog box that opens click on "File/Disk" and browse to the folder where all the pictures you want to use for the Photo Album are stored.

Click one photo and then use the Select All option or Keep the Ctrl Key Pressed and keep clicking all the photos individually.

Click on the "Insert" Button. This will put all the Photos you had selected into the dialog box with a check box for each photo.

Select and move each photo up or down or you can delete the photos as you want.

Then you have some options like the "Fit to Slide", "Pictures with titles etc".

Once done, Click on "Create" Button.

Now PowerPoint will create a new PowerPoint Photo Album and open it. If you want you can do a few more tweaks, insert more photos or delete some photos.

That is all and your PowerPoint Photo Album is Done. The number of steps looks too many. But it actually takes just a couple of mouse clicks.

I hope you liked this PowerPoint Tip and it helps you in your future to create Amazing Photo Albums.

At the end of you Phot Album, you could add this Animated_Solar_System MatsClock-120091 If you liked this Solar System Animation, then please share the link to this website or the Animated Solar System on your facebook, twitter, reddit, email etc.

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