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MatsClock 120073 - Free Live Digital Clock PowerPoint Slide

Free_Download MatsClock_120073 PPT  Free download MatsClock 120073 Zip file. It is packed with a total of 5 different MatsClock Live Digital Clocks designed in PowerPoint. Each of these PowerPoint slides has a different Live Time and Date display. The MatsClock 120073 zip file contains MatsClock 120073, MatsClock 120073a, MatsClock 240073, MatsClock 260073 and MatsClock 280073 all of which are contained in this small size MatsClock 120073 zip file.

PowerPoint Tips - Begin With a Strong Introduction, Keep the Audience Hooked and End Your Presentation on a Happy Note

This PowerPoint tip pertains to how to keep your audience hooked to your Presentation. Many a times speakers start their presentation by introducing themself mostly by praising themselves. Sometimes the host will introduce the speaker for a few long minutes enumerating their qualifications and achievements. The audience often get bored and start getting distracted and may even start checking their phones.

How to hook the audience and keep them stuck to your presentation to the end is an art which can be learned easily. There are many ways to start the presentation by giving a strong introduction.

Never start the Presentation by introducing yourself. Instead introduce your topic of presentation with a story that your audience can relate to. Find a story from your own life or an event you may have watched happening which pertains to your presentation subject.

If you cannot remember a story, then just go online and search. Find a story and modify its contents to suite the topic. The aim is to tell the story in your own unique way.

You need to end the story in such a way that you can introduce either yourself to the audience or introduce the topic you are going to present to the audience.

Once you get the attention of your audience, you can start your presentation. But don't be too confident that the audience will stay with you throughout.

The next Presentation tip is to keep the audience attached to you all through the presentation, you need to use some questions or give the audience some simple tasks by asking them to count how many items in the picture which are peculiar or different or similar etc. Do this once in a while which makes the audience think a little or even respond to it.

Ensure that you add some humour into your talk. But you should never laugh yourself. Let the audience enjoy the joke and laugh. You keep judging the audience as to how many in the audience liked the joke or the photo you flash on screen etc.

Once you understand the pulse of the audience attending your Presentation and which questions are they responding the most. Then include more of that kind of stuff to keep your audience engaged.

Finally, the last Presentation Tip is to end your presentation always on a happy note. The audience must feel a sense of achievement that they have gained something from you that day and the time they spent listening to you was worth every second.

After your presentation ends, see to it that you ask for feedback from the audience. Tell them that you care for both positive and negative feedbacks and suggestions because you want to improve your presentation the next time irrespective of whether you are going to present to the same audience or different.

I hope that these three PowerPoint Presentation tips on Beginning a Presentation with a Strong Introduction, keeping your audience hooked to you through out the presentation and ending your Presentation on a Happy note, helps you make many more beautiful PowerPoint Presentations and Earn the Respect of your Audience in future.

And I also hope you liked this Digital Clock.  Free_Download MatsClock_120073 PPT  which has 5 beautiful Digital Clock animations displaying time in full screen.

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