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Free_Download MatsClock_120067  Free download MatsClock 120067 zip file containing a total of 5 different MatsClock Digital Clocks designed in PowerPoint without using any other graphics or animation software at all. All the digital clocks have different coloured balls falling down the stairs. The timings are completely different and thus the same balls fall at different times with respect to each other giving the feel of variety at every moment.

The entire animation was designed from scrap purely in PowerPoint. Believe it or not. The MatsClock 120067 zip file contains MatsClock 120067, MatsClock 120067a, MatsClock 240067, MatsClock 260067 and MatsClock 280067 all of which are contained in this small size MatsClock 120066 zip file. This Beautiful MatsClock 120067 Digital Clock displays time and Date on a wall behind the stairs.

PowerPoint Tips - How to Reduce PowerPoint File Size?

These PowerPoint tips are for those who include far too many high resolution pictures in the presentation and those who embed the font file in their presentations or do both these things. There are two main ways to reduce the size of your PowerPoint file size.

PowerPoint Tip 1 - Do Not Embed Font Files in PowerPoint

One is compressing the pictures used in the presentation and the other is to remove embedded fonts unless you desire that your presentation maintains its looks with those fonts.

PowerPoint files created with only text and without embedding any fonts will be less than 60 kb which is a very small file size. In case you embed a font in PowerPoint, then the file size will suddenly bloat depending on the size of the font file. Most font files are more anywhere from 1 mb to 15 mb. So try and avoid embedding fonts into the PowerPoint presentation.

If embedding is unavoidable, then to keep your PowerPoint file size small, you need to select the option of embedding only the characters used in the PPT. But if you expect someone else also to edit your PPT then you may have to embedd the font file into the PPT or may be send the font file separately for installing in their computer.

PowerPoint Tip 2 - Compress Pictures to Reduce PowerPoint File Size

The next best thing to do is to Compress the pictures used in your presentations. Often pictures from modern camera are anywhere from 2mb to 64 mb or more. Every picture you use in your presentation will take up that much space on the hard disk. A clear high resolution picture certainly looks good and enhances your presentation.

But the problem is when you want to send a file online or through some email and you have a slow internet. One of the ways to reduce the picture size is to select "Picture Format" in the PowerPoint Ribbon menu, Select Adjust and then select the "Adjust" and then select the "Compress Pictures".

In the drop down which comes up, select "Apply to this picutre" check mark if you want to reduce file size of only that picture and remove the check mark if you want to reduce resolution of all the pictures and save file size of your PowerPoint Presentation.

The next option you can use is to "Delete cropped areas of pictures". This option will cut off all the areas of the pictures outside the screen during your presentation.

In addition, you also have the "Resolution" option where you may select the "Use Default Resolution" option at the end of the Compress Pictures dialog box.

Last PowerPoint Tip 3 - Reduce PowerPoint File Size by Discarding Editing Data

Go to "File" then select "Options" and then select "Advanced". Now from under the "Image Size Quality, select "Discard Editing Data". Only thing you need to remember is that "Do Not Compress Images in File" is not selected during this. I hope all the above PowerPoint tips to reduce the PowerPoint file size comes in handy to you.

And I also hope you liked this Digital Wall Clock.  Free_Download MatsClock_120067  which is a beautiful Car and Digital Clock animation displaying time in full screen. Click the Next Clock button  below to see hundreds of digital clocks and analog clocks which are absolutely free to download. All that we requestt in return istoo kindly Share a link to this websitee to as many people you can as a favour for the effort we take to provide you with innovatively designed digital clocks for Free.

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