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MatsClock 120064 - Digital Clock Car Animation in PowerPoint for Free

Free_Download MatsClock_120064  Free download MatsClock 120064 zip file. It is packed with a total of 5 different MatsClock Digital Clocks designed purely in PowerPoint without using any other graphics or animation software at all. Even the colour changing car is designed in PowerPoint. The Car looks as if it is being filled up by some coloured liquid continuously changing colours. It is a Car and its animation designed from scrap purely in PowerPoint. Believe it or not.

The MatsClock 120064 zip file contains MatsClock 120064, MatsClock 120064a, MatsClock 240064, MatsClock 260064 and MatsClock 280064 all of which are contained in this small size MatsClock 120064 zip file. This Beautiful MatsClock 120063 Digital Clock displays time and Date on a Car Windshield. The Car also keeps changing colours continuously as if it is filling up with some coloured liquid inside. This Car Animation and the Digital Clock are created purely in PowerPoint only without using any other graphics software of any sort.

Free PowerPoint Tips - One Story or Idea, One PowerPoint Slide

One of the Best PowerPoint Presentation Tips anyone can give you is one story - One PowerPoint Slide. That means, there should be only one story on a slide. You can have one story spanning to more than one PowerPoint slide. But never have more than one story on a single slide. A story may also mean one idea. Thus, one idea per PowerPoint slide.

Once you have finished creating and editing your PowerPoint slide, run the slide with a friend or a few colleagues and see if there is any bullet or word on the slide that does not align with the PowerPoint Slide heading on top. Do this for each and every slide. Anything that does not pertain to the heading on top on the slide should be deleted or shifted to a slide where it aligns to the heading on that slide.

This will help you retain your audience on the topic you are discussing on the slide and they will not get distracted with something that does not form part of your story or talk or the idea you are explaining.

If you want then use a crisp and stunning photo that aligns with a character in the story or explains the idea you are discussing. This will further ensure that your audience remains attentive and starts to relate the picture or graphic to what you are discussing.

But ensure that the Photograph or the graphic is not too colourful that your audience start getting distracted with the colours of the photo or the graphics. Each photo or graphic must be on a single slide. Two photographs may be put only when you are comparing two items and you are highlighting the differences or what is common in them.

If you see the MatsClock 120064 you can see that the animation is designed to capture the audience attention. But the aim is to show Time and Date in a unique way on Full Screen. The colour changing Car will be useful to keep the audience attentive trying to make out when the colour is changing and how it is changing randomly with time repeating over a long period of time.

I hope you liked this Digital Wall Clock.  Free_Download MatsClock_120064  which is a beautiful Car and Digital Clock animation displaying time in full screen. Click the Next Clock button  below to see hundreds of digital clocks and analog clocks which are absolutely free to download.

You can use and Share any MatsClock Digital and Analog Clocks available at We have been providing Free Digital Clock and Analog Clocks in PowerPoint PPT and Flash SWF format for over a decade now. Imagine everything being created spending hundreds and thousands of hours of work and given away free.

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