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MatsClock 120059 - Free Download Neon Digital Clock in PowerPoint with Scintillating Stars in Night Sky

Free_Download MatsClock_120059  This Beautiful Neon Digital Clock MatsClock 120059 is purely designed in PowerPoint with a Night Sky in the background which has Scintillating Stars or twinkling stars in the entire night sky. This animation is fairly simple to make which is explained below in the PowerPoint Tip associated with this Digital Clock MatsClock 120059.

This Free download zip file contains 5 different Neon MatsClocks Digital Clocks designed in PowerPoint namely, MatsClock 120059 MatsClock 120059a, MatsClock 240059, MatsClock 260059 and MatsClock 280059 all of which are contained in this small size MatsClock 120059 zip file. This digital clock in PowerPoint idea was triggered a clock gear rotating.

How to Create Scintillating Star Filled Night Sky Animation in PowerPoint - MatsClock PowerPoint Tips

If you were wondering how the Scintillating Star filled Night Sky Animation in PowerPoint was created in this MatsClock 120059 Neon Digital Clock PPT, then please read this PowerPoint Tips to know about it.

Start with a fresh blank slide.

Click anywhere inside the slide and then press 'Ctrl' and 'A' keys and press 'Del' Key to delete all the text boxes and every thing else in it.

To create the the Stars in the night sky, you need to click on the 'Insert Tab' on the 'Ribbon Menu' on top of your PowerPoint. A drop down menu will open.

On this drop down menu Select 'Shapes Tab' and then Select the Rectangle Shape from the Basic Shapes.

Drag your mouse with the left button pressed from the top left corner to the bottom right corner of the PowerPoint slide to create a Rectangle that fills the entire slide area.

The moment you create this Rectangle, the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu will display the 'Format' Menu automatically.

Look for 'Shape Fill' option and click on it. From the drop down menu that shows up, Click the Black Colour to colour the rectangle Black.

Also Select the 'Outline Fill' option below that and Select 'No Outline' to remove the border of the Rectangle Shape.

Creating Star Filled Night Sky - PowerPoint Tips

Now Click the 'Insert' Tab on the PowerPoint 'Ribbon' Menu again and click on 'Shapes' again.

From the drop down menu that opens, Select a Star Shape of your choice from the 'Stars and Banners'.

Now drag your mouse with your mouse left button pressed inside your PowerPoint Slide where ever you want the Star Shape to appear.

As you set the colour of the Rectangle to black, from the 'Format' menu that appears on the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu select 'Shape Fill' and Click on White colour.

Now you can see a black rectangle with a White Star on top. You can also Select the 'Fill Outline' option and Select White to give a white border to the star.

Click on the Star Shape and drag the corner of selection rectangle of the Star with the 'Shift' Key on your keyboard pressed, to reduce the size of the Star to as small as possible.

Now Press the 'Ctrl' and 'D' keys on the keyboard many times to duplicate the Star Shape as many times as you want.

Then Click on each Star Shape and drag them to place or distribute them randomly on the slide to replicate a night sky.

If you want then put a moon also to complete the night sky. But remember that a star filled dark night sky never has a moon in the real world.

Now press 'Ctrl' and 'A' keys on your keyboard to select all the Star Shapes and the Rectangle Shape.

On the PowerPoint 'Ribbon' Menu, Select the 'Format' Tab.

On the Format Tab, Select the 'Merge Shapes'.

You will get another drop down menu from which you need to select the 'Subtract' option.

What happens when you select the Subtract is that from the large black Rectangle you had created initially, all the Star Shapes you created will get subtracted.

Now you have only one object which is a Rectangle Shape with Star Shaped holes in it.

You Star Filled Night Sky is completed. Now you need to animate these stars.

How To Animate the Scintillating Stars in the Night Sky - PowerPoint Tips

This step is also fairly simple. It is more of repeat job.

Click the 'Format' Tab ont he PowerPoint 'Ribbon' Menu.

Look for the 'Selection Pane' somewhere on the right side of this ribbon drop down menu and Click on it.

This opens a Selection pane. You can double click on the items there and Rename them if you want for easier identification.

Rename the Rectangle Shape with Star shaped holes as 'Night Sky' or 'Starry Sky' or what ever name you want.

Then Click the 'Eye' icon you see on the right of the item you just renamed on the Selection Pane to hide this Rectangle Shape.

You can unhide it later by cilcking the same 'Eye' icon.

Your PowerPoint Slide should look empty again to work with.

Now Click the PowerPoint Ribbon 'Insert' Tab and then Click the 'Shapes' to get the Drop Down Menu.

Select any shape like a Rectangle, Circle, Rhombus etc and drag your mouse on the empty slide anywhere to create the shape you selected.

Set the size of the Shape you created as what ever you want. Smaller shapes are preferable than making it too large.

Now Click on the Shape which you have animated. and make its colour black using the 'Format' option on the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu as you have done before.

Then Click on the 'Animations' Tab on the PowerPont Ribbon Menu and then select 'Animation Pane' seen somewhere on the right of the Animation Menu.

This will open the Animation Pane on the right hand side of the slide.

Then find and select the 'Add Animation" tab in the Animation drop down menu. It is just on the left side of the Animation Pane you pressed just before this step.

From the Add Animation drop down menu, select 'Colour Pulse' under the 'Emphasis' option.

Now you can see the Animation appear on the 'Animation Pane' on the right side of your slide with a small black triangle facing down. Click on it.

Once you Click on it, you will get a drop down menu.

Select the 'Effect Options' from the drop down menu.

In the Effects Option you can change the Effect, Timing and Text Animation Options.

Under the 'Timing' Select the Start option as 'With Previous'

Set the 'Delay' option as 0.3 seconds

Set the 'Duration' as 0.7 seconds or what ever you like

Set the 'Repeat' options as 'Until End of Slide".

Click 'OK'

Press 'Ctrl' and 'D' keys on the keyboard to duplicate this animated shape. Place it somewhere else on the slide randomly.

Look at the PowerPoint Ribbon menu for the Animation Start, Duration and Delay options.

You  can change them as you wish. But certainly change the 'Delay' from 0.7 seconds to something higher like 0.9 or 2.1 seconds or whatever you like.

Repeat the Duplication of the Animated Shape many times and changing the delay time on every duplicate shape different and distribute the shape randomly all over the Screen.

Stop Duplicating only once you are satisfied that the shapes are filling up the entire slide. Some gaps here and there are alright.

Testing the Scintillating Star Filled Night Sky Animation

On the right hand side, close the Animation Pane and Format pane.

Now only the 'Selection Pane' should be visible. If not then go to 'Format' Tab on the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu and Click the 'Selection Pane'

On the Selection Pane, Look for your Rectangle with Stars at the bottom of the items list.

Click on the Rectangle and drag it on top of all the animated shapes you have created.

You should now be able to see only the Black Rectangle with the holes on top of everything else.

Press 'F5' Key on your keyboard to run the animation.

You should be able to see the Scintillating stars on a Dark Night Sky.

That is exactly how the Neon MatsClock 120059 Digital Clock with a Scintillating Star filled Night Sky. 

You can Free_Download MatsClock_120059  which is a beautiful animation with a Digital Clock Ticking Live in the center of your screen and designed purely in PowerPoint. Let us hope these PowerPoint Tips help you in your future PowerPoint Presentation preparations and earn you the most respect from your audience.

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All that we request you is to Share the link to this website in ruturn. We hope you will help us spread the word.

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