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MatsClock PowerPoint Tips - How to Change Fonts in Entire Presentation in 2 Mouse Clicks

Suppose you have already created your long presentation with dozens of slides and then you want to change the entire long presentation to some other font. Normally you would go to each slide and start changing fonts in each of your presentation slides. This changing of fonts is a job that would consume many hours of work which is completely unnecessary and can be avoided. There is an easier and simple way to change the entire presentation fonts in just two or three mouse clicks.

Here is the procedure, how to change fonts in 2 mouse clicks.
Click on "View" tab and select "Slide Master".
On the Slide Master click on "Font" tab to get the drop down menu.
Now select the Font of your choice.
Now select "File" tab and then "Save" or select "Save as"

You can see that now your entire presentation fonts in each and every slide of the PowerPoint file has been changed automatically to the font you selected in the slide master.

Next PowerPoint Tip - Saving Slide Master As Template

Now that you have already learned the PowerPoint Tip on how to change the Font in the entire PowerPoint Presentation, you should save that changed Powerpoint file with the edited Font settings as a template, so that next time you can reuse it by just clicking and selecting that template. The keys to press to save the Slide Master as a Template is as below: -

Click on File >> Save As
Then Click on Computer >> Browse
Now navigate to C:\Users\<YourUserName>\Documents\Custom Office Templates
Now Type the name of your template in the File Name box.
Then Clickon the Save as type drop down menu and then click PowerPoint Template.
Then click on Save. That is all.

Accessing Your Own Custom PowerPoint Template

Now you can access your own templated you created just now by this sequence: -

Click File >> New
Then Click Custom >> Custom Office Templates and you will find the template you had created.
Free Download MatsClock 120051 - Live Digital Clock for PowerPoint PPT

You can Free_Download MatsClock_120051 which contains a set of 5 Digital Clocks designed in PowerPoint. The entire scene of a lawn with tiles laid on the floor which gives a perspective look and the wall are all made in PowerPoint without using any graphics software. In addition the screen and wooden frames in all the MatsClocks like MatsClock 120051, MatsClock 120051a, MatsClock 240051, MatsClock 260051 and MatsClock 280051 all which are contained in the MatsClock 1051 zip file.

These digital clocks when displayed on full screen would mesmerise the audience of any age group because, it a rare sight. I am sure not many people have seen a digital clock running in PowerPoint Presentation Slides. We have achieved it and are giving the world MatsClock for your Presentations absolutely Free. All that we request you in return is to share MatsClocks to maximum people. Remember that "Time is Life".

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