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Did You Know the 10-20-30 Rule (PowerPoint Presentation PPT Tip)

This is a great PowerPoint Presentation Tip not many people know about. The 10-20-30 rule makes the ideal Presentation. It just means that do not have more than 10 slides in your entire presentation, which should never exceed 20 minutes and your PowerPoint Slides should have a Font size not less than 30 pixles. If you can achieve this combination, then your PowerPoint Presentation is going to be a grand succes.

The logic behind this very important PowerPoint Presentation tip of 10-20-30 Rule is simple. You are the Presenter whom the audience have come to see and hear. So the PowerPoint Presentation slide displayed on the screen is supposed to be aiding you in presenting your idea.

The PPT is not made for the audience. Since your audience may also see what you put in your slide on the screen you better use font size 30 or above to ensure that there is not too much data on one slide and the last man sitting at the farther corner can also read it.

You need to finish your PowerPoint Presentation in 20 minutes or less because people may start getting bored and distracted if you keep talking beyond 20 minutes. And even if you talk for 2 minutes per slide, then you have to restrict yourself to just 10 slides.

  If you understood this PowerPoint Presentation tips, then your presentation would look completely professional and you will earn respect from your audience. If you like then show a MatsClock Digital Clock like MatsClock 280043 which will show the time and date neatly inside a 3D set top box of a TV.


Free Download MatsClock 280043 - Live 12 Hour AM/PM PowerPoint Digital Clock Timer PPT with Date

MatsClock 280043 is Digital Clock Timer that displays the Date also along with time. The timer is actually been made to look as a part of a set top box of a TV. I have tried to make it look as natural as possible. You may share the video and the PPT file freely.


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